The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav

An adventure game due out in march. What caught my attention was that it is based in the pen+paper rpg world of ‘Das Schwarze Auge’, which is the same world the cool crpg’s of ‘Realms of Arkania’ are also based in. Infact this adventure takes place just to the east of the first of the Realms of Arkania games.

The artwork looks great and i always like to keep an eye out for new decent ‘old-school’ adventure games from time to time(just finished the really good ‘A new Begining’). This could be one to keep an eye on.

Aaww, I thought this read “Chains of SatNav” and hoped it would be a game humorously commenting on our over reliance of GPS/SatNav systems. ;)

I’m not usually an adventure game fan, but this one looks gorgeous enough to be worth keeping an eye on. Thanks for posting it!

released yesterday, who volunteers to be the guinea pig?

Geesh, get my hopes up, saw this on Steam and then came here to see what the opinion was. Guess no takers yet.

My backlog is way too long to just jump on this one without any information, so will see if/when there is some consensus on it. I do admit though, got excited when I saw a The Dark Eye game on Steam, thought it was a new Drakensang style RPG game.

Graphics are very pretty, especially the backgrounds, voice-acting is alright and with a couple of exceptions not portentous or embarassing, animations are mostly ok but often woefully janky. I’m about 3/4 of the way through and so far the story is entertaining enough. There are two settings - easy and hard - and easy setting tells you where all the hotspots are on the screen (you can push a button to make them sparkle). Not sure if there are trickier puzzles too on hard.

Thus far, the puzzles have been quite logical and capable of being deduced by a few minutes’ thought; I’m really not very good at adventure games so most will probably find them very much on the easy side, but see above re the difficulty setting.

Overall this feels like a solid 7/10 game, but somehow - probably due to the very nice backgrounds - it has a lot more charm than that score would suggest.

I’m non steam, and i can only find it on the german amazon (i guess in german) or from another DD system i’m not a member off (Games Rocket). Is the Steam release the only english version? I hope it will get released on some other DD systems also.

Looks like a Steam exclusive. Retail will require Steam too.

The boss of the development studio, who usually self-publish, explained that it’s sheer necessity. They need international distribution or they’ll probably go out of business within a year or so. This means they had to find a partner who opens the door to Steam, because Steam doesn’t let them in. This certain publisher used Steam exclusively on all his products for the last year or so.

So chances for a non-Steam version are slim.

For their other games, the critically acclaimed Deponia for example, check the Lace Mamba website. They’ve signed a couple of them.

edit: The Deponia demo is has been released yesterday. Check the usual suspects.

Ah sucks. Oh well. I have a couple of other adventure games i’ve been looking forward to that have come out on GoG recently, so they will have to do.

Me too. I pictured satellites in orbit connected by flower chains.

ha! You should make an ‘art’ indie game out of that idea RichVR.