The Dark Mod, released

Finally, after lots of years of development, the Thief-like mod for Doom 3 has been released.
(the site is a bit flaky right now…)

Does it mod away monster closets?

No, but it mods away the monsters!

Service Unavailable

damn it

I’m going to assume you need Doom 3 to play it? It’ll be a miracle to find my disc.

Have you looked in the monster closet?

The site just started working for me. Installer is downloading files now…

Alternatives, in case the main site is too flaky:

Oh, and the cake is a lie and other such tired game jokes.

Official torrent:

In this time i only downloaded about 60% of it. :/

You need Doom 3. I also read that it is just an engine for the mod community out that to build Thief levels. So, is this playable or do I have to wait for the community to come out with maps?

The mod comes with just a training level, but there a few maps on the main website you can add.

It sounded from the website announcement like there’s a tutorial and three or four other maps. Personally I’m going to wait for a bit more before I bother (this will also have the advantage of giving them time to patch further, if such turns out to be necessary).

Woohoo awesome sauce! Now we just have to enslave some talented map makers to remake T1 and T2 using Dark Mod.

Tutorial + 3 maps. I hope for some more maps in a few weeks.

The first impression is very positive.

Yeah, this impresses the hell out of me.


It may be my imagination, but it is actually harder than normal Thiefs. AI is very suspicious, and has a better vision range and fov. Or perhaps i don’t remember well enough how hard were the Thief games :P.

There is a few technical issues, like the bugged skybox with modern radeon cards/drivers, and the also broken bloom option. Like most mods, they may have good modellers/textures artists/desidgners/coders, but they don’t have proffessional animators and it shows. And the voice work, while pretty acceptable for a mod, it is very lacking in comparison with the great voices from the various Thiefs.
But that’s because i am comparing ameteur free work against a classical (and proffessional) game. Not very fair. :P

I might have to leave Doom 3 installed from now on. Seems like there is a new megamod out every 6 months.

This is the only reason I bought Doom 3.

Here’s a video of the training level. Looks like a nice piece of work. I’m especially impressed by how they nailed the Thief-style ambient music.

Is anyone able to run standard ambient rendering? Cuts my FPS in half when I’m looking directly at a light source. Also, is bloom “broken” because it just doesn’t work?

Is there any direction on settings for gamma and brightness? They provide a handy set of numbers with various levels of darkness, but don’t tell you which should be visible for optimum settings.

Since this is a free mod where nobody is making money off this, couldn’t they just rip the voices from the previous Thief games?