The Dark Tower movie rears its head again


I couldn't find the thread where we discussed this, but it looks like the idea of a Dark Tower movie has found new life. According to this article, Ron Howard and his partners are contemplating a movie to be followed by a TV series.

I know there's no way any adaptation will meet the high expectations of the fans of the books, but a movie followed by a TV series seems like a reasonable way to tackle them.


A Ron Howard directed Dark Tower series? No.

No, no, no, no, no, no.


Okay, who COULD direct the Dark Tower to most people's satisfaction? I don't think such a person exists.

Well, okay, Christopher Nolan is the go-to guy for the fanboys, but other than him?


I don't know, but it ain't Ron Howard.

I would have said Peter Jackson, but then I saw The Lovely Bones.


Guillermo Del Toro
John Hillcoat


Micheal Bay!


I'd give Frank Darabont the benefit of the doubt.


William Shatner.


Tarsem Singh


THAT I'd see, for sure.


Aronofsky. We're talking about books that are king of the surreal... and seems to me that Aronofsky could do that and then some.


Only one director has the experience, craftsmanship, and dedication to handle The Dark Tower movie.

Uwe Boll.


OK, I've never actually read any of the Dark Tower books, although I think I may have read one of the stories. They sound like Stephen King covering Michael Moorcock to me, specifically the Moorcock of the Eternal Champions connected-multiverse stories. Are these actually worth reading, or should I just reread Elric?


I feel like the second book would lend itself to a great movie, not so sure about the rest.


The fourth would be fine without the wrapper story - the basic western in the flashback is pretty well standalone, as evidence by the fact that that's where they decided to start in the comics. The third book would be a decent second movie.

If Lindelof and Cuse aren't involved, I'm not sure that I think that this is a good idea.


There's some Moorcock, some Tolkien, some Silver Age Comics.

They're absolutely worth reading, as long as you're prepared for the bizarre places it goes in the last two books.


Read the first one and go from there. If it grabs you then you will probably enjoy the series.


Yep. Don't forget the J.K. Rowling he throws in there.


Oh man... you mean that Dark Tower.

I got all excited.


Oooh, ooh. Good call, Bob.