The Dark Tower movie rears its head again



(I’m a fan of the series)

That trailer FUCKING RULES!!!

The timeline is a little weird, but it’s about right. He comes to our America in The Drawing of the Three, which is right after the Gunslinger. Gunslinger is pretty short when it comes to actual time covered.


Series of films with a TV tie in. I think they want to do Wizard and Glass as TV? That would be badass if it has GoT production value.


I love the use of the music box from For a Few Dollars More…such a fantastic earworm with emotional resonance for those who have seen the earlier film.


I think what threw me off is the way the trailer goes, this seems to be told from Jake’s perspective rather than Roland’s. One of the comments I’m seeing from people that don’t know any better is that this looks like a YA novel adaptation.


[quote=“Telefrog, post:224, topic:59023, full:true”]One of the comments I’m seeing from people that don’t know any better is that this looks like a YA novel adaptation.

Won’t they be surprised


That was the best part of the trailer. The rest… meh. It does have a watered down YA vibe to it and I think the only way Ill be able to watch without massive disappointment is to accept that this is not the Dark Tower timeline from the books but a different timeline in one of Rolands many attempts to set things right. Ill also have a tough time with Elba, who simply does not work as The Gunslinger for me. Thats coming from someone who likes Idris and thinks he is a fine actor and actually thought it would work earlier. Now seeing him in the role, he just doesn’t fit. To be honest I would rather see the actors in the roles of Roland and the Man in Black reversed. But I guess it’s far too late for that so I will have to get past my reservations.


Will they? Is this R or PG13?


The trailer showcased multiple reload mechanics that I feel will make this the best shooter of 2017. As neat as that is, I’m not quite sure this action packed blockbuster matches up with the more cerebral series of books it’s based on. One of my favorite parts of the books was this universe tied in many of King’s other stories into some central universe. I wonder if King will pull a Stan Lee and have a cameo in the movie, given that he’s a character in “keystone earth”, which is probably where this movie takes place.


Is that a picture of the Overlook Hotel on the shrink’s desk?



There’s a Pennywise the Clown carnival ride too


Who is the director?? Never heard of this guy. Really worried about how it looks… appears to be a generic ‘world ending - must shoot everything’ tale. Hate the slow motion reloading shit, reminds me of Resident Evil


Nikolaj Arcel’s most famous work is A Royal Affair, which was pretty good. This is his first Hollywood movie.

The real issue is that the primary screenwriter is Akiva Goldsman, who wrote Batman & Robin, Batman Forever, Cinderella Man, Da Vinci Code, Lost in Space, and The 5th Wave alongside a billion co-writing and script doctoring credits. He also wrote A Beautiful Mind and Deep Blue Sea, so it’s not all garbage, but who knows which version of Akiva Goldsman we’ll get here.


Gun play and reloading was actually a thing in the books though. The aerial thing was a bit over the top, although interesting looking. Flicking the rounds into the gun was pretty slick though, and a cool interpretation of Roland’s reloading trick.

Reading the books, I had never really thought about a specific mechanism he was using, just that his hands had been trained to do it on a subconscious level, where he wasn’t even thinking about it, and he most definitely was able to do it fast as shit, as evident in a few times where he does stuff like kill an entire town of people who are rushing him down.

The dark tower was one of my favorite series ever, with so much cool stuff in it. The series itself got really weak at the end, but I kind of think king just wanted it done.

The idea of it being another turn of the wheel, and not just the story told in the books, gives some interesting possibilities.

But this is just going to be one movie? Or is it going to be a series? I don’t see how they can do it in only one film. The series was 7 books, and thousands of pages. I would have expected a trilogy at least, like lotr.


I’m a little slow to notice the trailer, but – I thought it was pretty good. I never did finish the series, at the time I read the books Wizard and Glass had just been released, and I just never picked back up once the rest came out. This affords me the opportunity to pull a Game of Thrones, get the Cliff’s notes from the TV/movie version. Lucky me!


That’s the way I see it as well. Roland is the ultimate gunman. From what I remember from the books, the use of his guns came from a wellspring of internal control, much like the way martial artists work. Just the same way that a blindfolded bowman in our world can strike a target, Roland has honed his senses and abilities to the point that his guns are part of his body. Even more, he doesn’t need to see his target to hit it. He doesn’t need to see his guns to reload. Any more than you or I need to think to pee or drink water. It just is. His ability just is.

I don’t know whether anyone remembers him doing the rice dance in one of the books. But he does the dance so well that the town understands where he comes from and who he is. He is the avatar of justice. The avatar of what is sacred. The avatar of the unspoiled world.


I’ve both read and listened to this book, and this is pretty much the most disgusting part of any audio book I’ve ever heard in my entire life. Only parts of the audiobooks for Stranger in a Strange Land come close.

I’ve always hated this part of the books too, long before I listened to it, just for different reasons not worth going into in this thread.



So do we think that this is gonna include the other members of the ka tet, Susanna, Eddie, and Oy? And they just weren’t shown in this first trailer?

I find it hard to believe they could somehow leave out those characters.


I don’t think we will get the group in this movie. There’s no casting for it, and there’s no way they would’ve been able to keep that a secret this long.


I think they’ll be the basis for sequels.