The Day Before - The Division + Zombies

Well we now know what Tom’s favorite MMO will be this year.

Based on the video, also “+ jank + grind”

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Not that I would want to play, but… sigh.

When Ubisoft adds zombies to The Division – it’s going to happen any day now, right? – this game will be obsoleted before it’s even released!


That reminds me, I never did check out that New York expansion for Division 2. This is a nice trailer though, very pretty. I like the idea but if it’s basically The Division with zombies I’ll probably pass.

I’m a tad interested, but it seems like the PVP may be part of the core experience and not cordoned off in a discrete section like The Division. That frequently remains a problematic part of these games if players with more time or investment in the game get advantages.

“We’re running out of fuel.”
“Great man, awesome. We’ll look around here I guess.”
Proceeds to loot cowboy hat and drink soda while walking past dozens of cars they could have siphoned gas out of…

Still, I love games like this, so as long as I can play single player and am not forced to endure multiplayer PvP and the cesspool that inevitably becomes, I’m in.

My favorite part of the dialogue was, “I’ll check the skyscraper for supplies.” Oh, really? You’re going to check that whole skyscraper by yourself?

Ha! I LOL’d at that as well, and the thought that you’re going to find gas in the skyscraper somehow. Like, I know I always keep a spare gas can in my office for when I arrive at work and realize I forgot to fill up on the way in!

I also like how there was a horde of zombies on the 10th floor of the skyscraper. What the? Did they all turn at the office Christmas party? Is this Nakatomi Plaza?

Or when someone takes your red Swingline stapler.

Totally a Christmas movie, there can be no argument. =)

Could have backup generators in the basement with fuel.

Stop making sense you!

Also I call dibs on teaming up with you to scavenge when the real Zombie Apocalypse comes.

This is where I am. If it’s pick up co-op that’s great! If it’s open pvp then I’ll pass.

Delayed to March 1st, 2023 due to engine shift.

And to think I actually consider myself a gamer and I’ve never heard of this most steam wish listed game.

It seems more interesting to me that this is the “most wishlisted game” over its being delayed. I guess maybe folks aren’t totally over zombies quite yet.

Over zombies? I’ll never be over zombies.


P.S. Believe it or not, that was supposed to be an Airplane reference. As you might be able to tell, Zucker brothers riffing isn’t my strong point.