The DC Cinematic Universe Post-Justice League

Heard is Aqua-lady, or whatever. The female lead in the Aquaman movies, the second of which I think is done shooting at this point. I haven’t seen either.

I have not followed their trial, and have no opinion about whether either of them should or shouldn’t keep landing roles, but you can bet there are a lot of people Angry Online about it who feel very strongly about vilifying or defending one or both.

I see more discussion of that than Ezra, but that’s just anecdotal of course based on my particular social media and news circles.

Edit: hah, glad @tomchick was able to confirm while I was still composing this that she is in fact Aqualady. We can’t both be wrong!

Oh yeah. That’s the movie I can’t get through because I find it too boring. But I remember her now from the first half that I saw.

Well, of course you do! I do, too. Johnny Depp gets a lot more clicks than Ezra Miller. But the defamation trial was very specifically engineered for maximum visibility, whereas I’m sure Warner Bros. is doing whatever they can to keep Miller out of the headlines.

I’m not sure how that supports the case that the Aquaman sequel is somehow in trouble, which is what I think you’re implying. What makes you say that?


I don’t think it’s actually in trouble. But I’ve seen the “fan” vitriol about it and with the usual garbage like petitions for Heard to be cut or recast with reshoots. None of which I think will happen, and generally I don’t think studios should be quite as influenced by internet outrage (firing James Gunn from Guardians of the Galaxy 3 originally, for example).

I don’t mean to dismiss anything that upsets fans as invalid, but there’s a sort of “industry” of feeding and amplifying that outrage for clicks and engagement that distorts things, and sometimes I think studios (or whatever, this isn’t limited to the movie industry) are too quick to react.

I just think something like that is even less likely to happen with The Flash, because I haven’t seen that specific kind of fan backlash, it’s more been entertainment news reporting on it.

I don’t think a fan backlash is the concern with the Ezra Miller movie. The concern is releasing a franchise tentpole in which the lead actor who should be out stumping for the movie is so mentally unstable that he’s as liable to assault a fan as sign an autograph (I was going to link the video here but anyone who wants to see it can find it themselves), and he’s so legally unstable there’s a very real danger that he’s going to be the subject of headlines as an alleged child sex offender in the state of North Dakota.

But, sure, some chuds mad about Amber Heard might not see Aquaman 2, so Warner has that to worry about as well. :)


cant find the response from ezra from some social media platform 😚

David, all I see in that link is an Instagram post from last week. I thought you were claiming that Miller and the kid in North Dakota had spoken out about the situation since her parents have taken legal action. As far as I can tell, they haven’t, which is why I was asking for links.

Again, just to be clear, I know it’s a weird messy situation. But what was notable is that no one has been able to reach the relevant parties. Warner Bros. should be working with Ezra Miller to do damage control, and the fact that not even lawyers can find the guy has got to be making folks at DC sweat bullets while their investment languishes on a shelf somewhere and the release date inches closer every day.


Here is another Ezra Miller Associate Tokata Iron Eyes Hits Back at 'Concerned' Parents

It links to a Instagram video response, but you are right no conversation outside of social media.

An interesting bit context, as it read slightly diffirently in other media

A hearing on Chase’s request is due to be held on July 12 at the Tribal Court, Fort Yates, North Dakota, but court officials have not been unable to locate Miller to serve notice of the hearing to him. If Miller fails to appear at the hearing, the court has warned that it would grant Chase’s request for a restraining order.

restraining order if he doesn’t appear, verse elsewhere i read that serving the restraining order was blocked because he wasnt reachable.

But wait, that’s not all: Sources say the sequel is also a musical.

Not looking good.

The most surprising thing about that story? That it’s unsurprising. :(

I’d say there’s a solid chance the Flash movie will never be released with Miller in the lead. It’s either dead on a shelf forever, or extensively reshot with someone else swapped in. Which seems utterly crazy to me.


There was that Twitter wag who suggested Tig Notaro as a replacement. Already has the experience replacing shitty people in already-completed movies! So crazy it could work.

I would watch a Tig Notaro Flash movie. I don’t think it would be good, but I’d watch it.

Heck, I watched all the Zack Snyder bullshit, so why not?

Nothing really new, but a ton of detail and context for how unhinged Miller is. Yeesh. The usual anonymous sources (Warner Bros. execs not allowed to speak on record) put on a brave face:

I still think there’s a very good chance a Flash movie is never released.


My favorite bit:

I didn’t even notice (or think about) his lack of presence in the ad campaign for that movie. They already had to navigate the minefield of using J.K. Rowling’s name, and then replacing Johnny Depp, and now this?? It’s a miracle that any movies get released these days.

Well we’ve all been there.

A Flash movie, or this Flash movie? Because I think that’s true for this Flash movie. But I find it hard to believe they’d just never revisit the character, no matter how much bad press Miller gets.

Has there ever been a situation like this one? Where an actor goes on a crime spree and becomes completely toxic between the end of shooting and the movie’s release?

The problem is, this Flash movie is a huge investment, not just in money but in creativity and opportunity. Without giving anything away, I doubt they could ever recreate this movie later. So do you release the movie and risk it tanking? Or eat the cost and take a huge loss?

It’s a tough question. I’m glad I’m not the Warner Bros executive making this decision right now!

If it was just about the Flash I think it would be easier for them to shelve. Since this is also the multi-verse movie that has Michael Keaton’s Batman and other big deal cross-over shit in it, they really want to make this happen.