The de-Trumpification thread

I thought we could use this to contain all of the schadenfreude-licious stories of Trump cronies being tossed out of positions of power. I’m sure there’ll be lots to go around in the days and weeks to come. Give it to me! Bonus points if it includes Republican/MAGA bitter tears.

You ask, you get.

Former GOP operative Michael Ellis placed on administrative leave from NSA top lawyer job

Remember the former Devin Nunes staffer who went over to the White House and then was installed a few days ago by executive order as counsel at the NSA?

Yeah, he’s on administrative leave, pending the investigation into the impropriety of his appointment.

That, plus apparently he’s being investigated separately for mishandling classified information? Shocking that, who would have thought it?

WITCH HUNT --ducks–

More housecleaning reported here.

The additions to Robb are Michael Pack from VOA and Kathleen Kraninger from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

And strangely enough, there’s legislation that’s gonna be passed that prevents appointees from being lobbyists for two years.

Oh, fuck yeah.

Good news. I’m loving me some purges.