The Death of Stalin - Armando Iannucci's latest

Looking good. :)

Oh yes please!

Please live up to that trailer! Please!

I’m a bit saddened by the failure of this to appear on people’s 2017 filmgoing lists in the Blockbuster bust? thread. Did it not get a US release? Because it’s bloody brilliant.

I don’t think it showed up in any theaters near me, unfortunately.

Over here it in big ol’ GER, the movie apparently will launch on March 29 … @_@

According to Wikipedia, it looks like it should be opening in the US on March 9th.

“I’ve had nightmares that make more sense than this.” I’ve got to see this.

I feel like I have stepped back in time watching that.

Zhukov is perfect. Cant wait for this!

New Redband trailer:

Just a fantastic film. I love that the actors decided to eschew crappy Russian accents, and I can’t think of a single actor who struck a wrong note.

Even in that cast, Simon Russell Beale stands out, as does Michael Palin, who I had no idea would be in the film and the sheer delight and joy of seeing Michael Palin acting for the first time in years was more than doubled with his extraordinary performance. You think Palin is going to be the good guy, or part of Buscemi’s cabal, but the film throws more than a few curveballs at you.

Is it historically accurate with regard to, you know, the actual death of Stalin? No. It seems pretty historically accurate with regards to the downfall of Beria though, which is actually what I’m far more interested in and what Iannucci also seems to be more interested in.

Watched it a few weeks ago and also really enjoyed it. Terrific cast, snappy dialog writing. It’s funny while, in some spots, also going darker than let’s say In The Loop. They compressed the timeline of the events (e.g., Beria’s arc, the orchestra bit), but overall the movie comes across as an accurate caricature of what was happening and the people who were involved.