The decline to moral bankruptcy of the GOP


Yeah, it’s totally insane. Not even remotely rational.



I shouldn’t have to spell this out, but what exactly was the principle for which we allegedly fought in Kuwait? What was the moral duty that you say HW saw? I think it was supposed to be that aggression was wrong and should be opposed. Yet HW was the aggressor in Panama. See, not so hard to understand, and definitely related.

See, even you think it was about opposing aggression. Except Panama.


I did. Bush the younger was an idiot controlled by evil men. Reagan was a senile old racist. Nixon was Nixon. Weren’t you paying attention?


A bit hyperbolic. I think he’s conflicted and Putin has leverage on him, but I’m not convinced he’s actively and secretly working on behalf of Russia to any credible extent.


Trump ripped the caul from Timex’s eyes, just as GWB did for me. That leaves a special place in your heart of hate for that particular individual.


And then signed another NAFTA. It’s a con. You get that, right?


He is in that he is selling out our nation’s interests for his own personal gain. The Russians own him, and so he’s not doing what he should. Same goes for the others who own him, like the Saudis.

He’s also a sociopath, likely suffering from dementia, who controls nuclear weapons.

The fact that you guys are thinking that Bush is wise is absolutely insane. You guys are so incredibly far from reality that it’s frightening.

Seriously, this is so messed up that it’s incredibly disturbing to me. You guys are in the same level of reality denial that the Trumpists are.


Yes, take my statement and add your own context. That’s how things work.

Oh wait, no it isn’t. You really showed me by saying I said something I never said. I sure am stymied, I tell ya what.


Thank Christ, for a minute I thought it was just me.


Haha that’s right. Everyone who saw the Trainwreck is nuts but the guy boarding the burning train but jumping off only because the flames entered his car is totally the one to listen to. It’s been five minutes since the oh my gosh look out for your tea party schtick had been played.


I said Bush is wise? In point of fact, I said the opposite.

Trump scares me too, I share that sentiment. In ways that GWB never worried me. My post and point was to highlight that while Trump might be a train wreck of epic proportions that poses a threat to our democracy and to our nation’s interests and security, the actual damage done thus far isn’t quite comparable to GWB’s. IMO. That could obviously change.


Sorry, that was a typo. That should have read ,“the fact you guys think Bush is worse”

Because that’s insane.

Like seriously, that’s totally disconnected from reality.


I disagree. If Trump was competent we’d no longer be a democracy.

The next Trump wont be an unlikable idiot.

Imagine if we had a Reagan that wanted to be Putin. It would all be over.


I don’t think anyone disagrees that Trump is a unique brand of awful. But his administration is spectacularly incompetent.

That claim could not be applied to the Neocons, who were actually effective at implementing their policies. It’s not irrational to prefer the stupid brand of evil.

Of course that’s damning with faint praise. I’d prefer the country not being governed by evil in any fashion, thanks!


I don’t prefer one over the other here, I’m just saying in terms of actual, tangible harm done at this point in their respective presidencies, GWB had done more damage. It’s hard to quantify some of Trump’s damage in the immediate, because things like the Paris Agreement, the Iran deal, his attitude toward NATO and potential harm done to it, gutting the State Dept, his authoritarian attacks on DoJ, the press, the courts, etc., are all rotten fruit that will take some time to ripen.

Despite making this argument, I would put GWB in the bottom 3rd of presidents and for Trump have to do some reading on Buchanan.


He controls the executive branch of the United States government.

He controls our military.

He has nuclear weapons.

He is compromised by the Russians, and likely by the Saudis, even if that one is only a factor of his greed.

The president of the United States, does not care about the United States. It’s not a question of whether he is going to do a good job protecting us, it’s that he literally does not care about protecting us.

He’s the most powerful man in the world, and he literally only cares about himself. And he’s stupid, and suffering from numerous mental problems.

At no point in my lifetime have i ever felt genuine fear for the future of our nation, and i do now.


Trump hasn’t even finished one term, and we got four from the Bush family… Just imagine that with Trump and then Trump Jr. It’s still no excuse though. They paved the way for Trump… end result is still theirs. It’s just another not so bad whatism approach that got us where we’re at today

Then you were just naive or sheltered.


OK. I mean I guess I could be full of shit. I probably am. But at least I have legitimate rationalizations for it.


There is absolutely no way this conversation is going to come to any kind of resolution. We are not even in the same plane of reality at this point.


I find myself saying this kind of thing fairly often (little mr. peacekeeper) but I think there are different ways to measure this stuff and y’all are coming at the same problem from different angles. Any disagreement is pretty insignificant and minuscule. That said, my thoughts on the subject line up with Timex more than the counter-argument.