The decline to moral bankruptcy of the GOP


Bipartisanship is for suckers Democrats.


And current leadership too. The GOP has had multiple opportunities to step in and halt some of the things the administration has been doing, and they have done nothing. McConnell is just as complicit as Trump in the erosion of norms.

But, as far as lasting damage to democracy, I don’t think Trump has crossed the red line yet. And anything he has done is being supported by sycophants outside the white house as well. Nothing of permanence has happened in this agency. i.e. if Mueller were to drop the huge Russia bomb on Trump, and he were to be impeached, I see things moving back to the Cheney/Bush style of governing.

But, it is hard to judge this administration while it is still happening. For sure Trump has the potential to be worse, but I feel like the sheer incompetence of this administration is going to hold it back from doing anything crazy.

Maybe I am just being optimistic, but people seem to forget how truly bad GWB was.


How is this fascism in Michigan and Wisconsin not illegal?


I’m talking about professional deniers and pundits. They’re generally too smart to believe that shit.


I think we all recognize that.


As multiple people have already pointed out, and I can also personally attest, there are plenty of climate change deniers who are otherwise well educated and intelligent.

And I might add that professional pundits are no smarter than professionals in other fields.

Confirmation bias, the tendency to overrate evidence that supports your “own side”, is a mistake that anyone can make regardless of intelligence. By the way, who are the smart pundits who admitted to you that they were insincere about climate skepticism? Or are you basing your assertion on a gut feeling more than evidence? Because if the latter, maybe it’s time to look in the mirror smart guy…


Tag team, they got each other’s back when something good is in danger of being done.


It could be, and it sounds like the state supreme courts (also republican leaning) will end up seeing if they stick.


I’m fifty and started paying attention when Carter was president.

Bush did a few things that were much worse than the other presidents, and they’ve been mentioned in this thread already. If you are ok with waterboarding, however, because everyone is doing it, then I’m not sure we’re going to see eye-to-eye on these issues.

Started an illegitimate war with Iraq, causing hundreds of thousands of casualties, and setting up the chain of events that led to ISIS and the mess we’re still dealing with today. In setting up that war, he lied about who was behind 9/11, because we couldn’t go after the Saudis, and someone had to pay in blood, so it was Iraq. Mission Accomplished indeed.

War profiteering based on his illegitimate war with Iraq. Not for him, but for his cronies. Remember the Haliburton no-bid contracts? I do.

Overseeing the worst economy since the great depression, cutting taxes while increasing spending, while the economy was tanking.


And sure, waterboarding and extraordinary rendition and black sites and holding people without trial or even charges at guantanamo is in there too.

Thank your deity of choice that someone responsible took over after W, cause the hot mess he left could have seriously tanked the country for a decade otherwise. Thanks Obama.

As I said, we likely won’t agree here, but these are the main areas of complete and utter fucking up that I hold W accountable for. There are more, but this already puts him at all time worst in my book.

Trump has almost unlimited potential to do worse. He needs close oversight and plenty of stonewalling by the House, but I anticipate that happening.

Separating kids from their families at the border as a way to scare off people trying to get asylum in the US is evil. Most of the rest of what he’s actually accomplished has been standard GOP - lowered taxes on corporations and the wealthy, fucking up healthcare, the EPA, education, the internet all while saying that the press can’t be trusted and that the dems are unamerican, profiting for himself and his cronies through his office - all GOP standard operating procedures for decades. That’s not saying that he’s a bog standard GOP, because he’s obviously not, but what he’s accomplished has been, aside from the separation of families and his tarrifs, which are decidedly not free market.


I’ll let @tomchick answer that for you.


Maybe we should back up and explore something for a second… is it really a weirdo remark? Saying I’d rather play Destiny 2? We’re a gaming forum… I kinda thought games are always on topic. Puzzling me all day.



I think people were just upset you were playing Destiny 2 and not a better game.


Friends don’t let friends play destiny 2.


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Many mentions of ratfucking.


Let’s focus on the continuing evils of the GOP which seems to be moving in logarithmic proportions to infinity, and maybe leave some of the semantic stuff on the wayside.


Ha! I played for a month when it first came out before drifting away. Then last month I saw a review of Forsaken in Edge Magazine saying they’d made great strides and improvements so I gave it a shot on sale. I’m having fun with it. Love the co-op ratfucking mode.


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George P, Mike Cernovich, Laura Loomer, Jack Posobiec, and keynote speaker is Roger Stone? What a hot ticket!