The decline to moral bankruptcy of the GOP


Or a host on Fox News?


People orchestrating boycotts against things they don’t like is totally bad.

Also, having the government actually oppress things we don’t like, is good.

Also, big government is bad.


Okay assuming those are just facts… what was the reason he decided to look at these specific points, what drove him to investigate?


Folks look not all republicans are unhinged lunatics. There are plenty of moderate Conservative sites out there espousing perfectly reasonable views.

Oh wait.


The Federalist isn’t remotely moderate. Conservatives openly mock it on a daily basis.


They, they are kind of the lunatic Fringe.

Less aliens than Infowars though.


I will take your word for it. They could up the mocking volume a few notches then.


As an indicator, i follow a Twitter account called “Federalist Pitch Bot”


Probably because he’s obsessed by The Gay. He’s written several papers on the topic, and they are all equally dry. But I don’t mean to cherry pick, it’s not the only thing he writes about.

The Effect of Breastfeeding on Educational Attainment: Evidence from Siblings

The Effect of Adolescent Virginity Status on Psychological Wellbeing

Insomnia and Human Capital Acquisition,

Combat Exposure and Domestic Violence

Do Minimum Wages Affect Teen Fertility

Postpartum Maternal Smoking and Childhood Asthma

Do Anti-Bullying Laws Work? New evidence on school safety and youth violence


These topics are not making me think he is more an economist than a politician.


Economists are interested in many of the same sorts of things as politicians. They simply approach these things with a different (aka dismal) perspective.

I have never heard a politician use “declines that are statistically indistinguishable from zero” correctly in a sentence.


Well sure. There are economists employed all over the place and in dears, private and public, most people don’t think about. This list though just looks like a GOP talking point list. That is a little weird.


Can’t wait to rub this in parents’ faces since they support Trump because he’s “tough on China” …


It’s a somewhat diverse list. Most politicians don’t have huge disagreements over insomnia or breastfeeding.

To the extent that his work supports a right wing agenda, its worth pointing out that academicians are often activists, but that doesn’t make them politicians. For example Lawrence Lessig and Noam Chomsky on the left, Alan Dershowitz and John Lott on the right.


These guys are just really bad at being corrupt.


That style of graft is so 80’s.


I totally read that as “Smocking”.


Once upon a time I worked for a testing company that had a contract with the state of Kentucky. I scored/trained reading and social studies topics. Invariably the kids in KY would spell snakes “snacks.” To this day I still can’t help but refer to snakes as snacks. (And no, I do not literally want snakes for snacks.)


Not to defend this guy but the media is now reporting that the “purchase” was done without the Senators knowledge and that it has been rescinded. However the Senator should instruct his brokers to avoid this kind of stuff in the future. CNN had a past Ethics Office guy on who said he thought the Senator’s real problem was that he sat on a committee that would crucify anyone who came before it and did this.


That’s got to be horseshit though. The chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee isn’t aware that he should let his broker know not to invest in defense stock? Fucking horseshit. No way he wasn’t aware of it. Same with the Senators/Congressmen that are on health-related committees and “accidentally” or “unknowingly” invest in health-related stocks through their brokers. All complete shit.