The decline to moral bankruptcy of the GOP


NSA and former DIA Director doesn’t know that, if you talk to the Russian Ambassador, it’s likely you’re gonna get taped?


This is my shocked face :l


Well, Scott Walker is out. I hope this will push out some state senators and representatives that voted for this B.S.


Hooray! As someone who lives downwind of that site and enjoys a clean Lake Michigan, all of those pollution exemptions scared me.


Great American Mitch McConnell:


It won’t be fair if we make it easy for “everyone” to vote!


To be fair, poor people should be encouraged to get off their ass and go to work instead of hanging around scaring people at polling stations.


When did this thread get fixed? I thought we had an all new GOP is evil thread because this one wouldn’t let us post to it anymore?


We need two threads to be able to keep up with the evil.

Non-snark: I think it was a week or so ago that there were some fixes about long threads?


Excellent point. Carry on then!


This guy is a legit meathead. Believe me, I know. Also a primo Trump ass licker.


Yeah, if there’s anything that particularly needs to be a federal holiday, it’s federal election day.


I feel like it needs to be more than that. There are plenty of employees who do not get the federal holidays off. It seems like it needs to be a mandate of some kind, like any employee who does not have election day off must get 2-3 hours to vote or… you know, mail-in ballots solves that too.


the time off to vote is already mandatory, at least in CA



Everyone in the US should get a write in ballot. Then the whole day off issue is moot.


I’ve seen some proposals to move Veteran’s Day to line up with Election Day. That way there is no new holiday. Seems reasonable to me.


This would lead to unimaginable fraud, and you may as well hand the government over to the most effective criminal enterprise. It’s hard enough to keep disinterested and poor people from losing/trading their vote today, and that’s when the ones who get them mostly need to deliberately register and ask for one. Putting a blank ballot in everyone’s hand will lead to piles of ballots trading like pokemon cards.


Oregon begs to differ.


Washington State chiming in.