The decline to moral bankruptcy of the GOP


This is an unfounded fear. The massive fraud is just not there.


California has had them on request for a very long time. I think now they have even added free postage to them.


Mail-in ballots are the default choice when registering to vote in California.


Exactly! Over 3 million illegal votes thanks to California’s lax liberal hellscape.


I’m getting ready to drop my ballot off at the library!


Colorado here… Mail in voting has been very secure and turnout is up, especially amongst youth.

Every state should have it


I vote by mail in Utah. Of course, I’m also a female duct taped illegal immigrant from Honduras who votes as my ISIS handlers tell me, so there’s that.


You are all great people, but aren’t they still figuring out a problem election in Georgia specifically because of mail in balloting and fraud committed by one of the campaigns to suppress voting?


I don’t know. I just figured the guy/opponent running the show was corrupt, and corruption would have happened no matter what method voters were permitted to use to cast their votes.


98059 checking in.


Isn’t that rejection of absentee ballots due to a flawed signature system? I’ve been through the signature thing in Oregon. They didn’t reject my ballot. They did ask me to verify it. Georgia required them to vote in person or request a new ballot which is ridiculous. Oregon also tells me when they received my ballot. They give you 14 days after the election to resolve it and there is nothing tricky about it.


That’s here in my state (NC), and there are many rumors that both state parties have been tolerating if not tacitly encouraging absentee ballot fraud by their candidates. The specific case of the NC-9 race which is still not settled, involves a shady fixer who has been working for candidates with the same M.O. for a decade perhaps. He has even been reported to the boards of elections, but still got away with it one election after another.

This may be influencing my ability to trust apathetic voters with mail-in ballots. People have been willing to trade important passwords for chocolate, why would they treat ballots better?


North Carolina, and realistically, it could have been taken care of by now if the Republicans keeping a stranglehold on the state would actually let the investigation proceed. It was caught fairly easily.




Veterans Day is a holiday, but it isn’t a work holiday. I can’t recall ever having veteran’s day off.


Isn’t Veteran’s Day a federal PTO holiday?


For federal government employees, it is, but only about 20% of private companies observe it. I never worked for a company that counted it as a work holiday.

Edit: In fact it’s the least observed holiday.


I saw these tweets, but until a couple minutes ago I hadn’t actually seen these other key MMc statements.

The Republican leader on Wednesday said the legislation, known as H.R., was a ''power grab" by Democrats.

In remarks on the Senate floor, McConnell said, “Just what America needs, another paid holiday and a bunch of government workers being paid to go out and work for I assume our folks - our colleagues on the other side, on their campaigns.”

He added, “This is the Democrat plan to restore democracy? A brand-new week of paid vacation for every federal employee who would like to hover around while you cast your ballot?”

McConnell said the bill would “victimize every American taxpayer by pouring their money into expensive new subsidies that don’t even pass the laugh test.”

What a degenerate.


I don’t get why the opposing senators/representatives don’t slam him and the GOP for the undemocratic statements. It shouldn’t be hard to point out the hypocrisy of an elected politician in a democracy who doesn’t want people to vote.

Or do they, and just get ignored by the media? Have to admit, I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case either.


What if they try to skewer him on it but then he retreats into his shell? What are they supposed to do then, smart guy?