The decline to moral bankruptcy of the GOP



I will have to be clearer in the future.


Happy Democracy Day! May the gerrymandering be ever in your party’s favor!


I like McConnell’s casual admission here that the Republicans have destroyed democracy.


Maybe he did air quotes around “restore democracy.”


Or, hey, maybe he’s doing air quotes around his entire political career.


Half the GOP are full-on traitors.


-spit take-
I LOL’d, thanks!


I’m sure there will be widespread calls for my future toilet to step down from his party.


How about that photo of McConnell shitting on the Constitution?

… By which I mean, every single photo of him at work.


He’s had his sphincter surgically altered to ensure the spray pattern leaves the important parts* unmolested when doing so, though.

* The 2nd Amendment and nothing else


But hey, the confederacy is an important part of Kentucky’s history.

By which I mean they originally were neutral in the Civil War, the Confederacy then tried to invade them, and then they petitioned the Union for assistance in defeating the Confederates.


The sad part is that this picture’s existence has probably led to him getting more votes over his career.


Lincoln was born in Kentucky.


The sad part is that any career politician in the south probably has a picture like that somewhere in his past. Regardless of you being a Dem or Rep.


I mean it is the worst part of America after all!


For sure, the south has alligators and the SEC. What could be worse than that?



100 degree heat with 60% humidity?


only 60% humidity?