The decline to moral bankruptcy of the GOP


Annual average. 80% highs in summer.

Also mosquitos.


And Southerners.



I am so happy the DoJ is protecting Sheldon Adelson’s interests. /s


Where does this belong?


Tucker Carlson knows that he doesn’t give a crap about Republicans or conservatism, and is just in it to make money for himself.


I don’t think Tucker Carlson has any idea what he wants. Just look at him and tell me does.


I can’t even.


Honestly, it’s almost impressive.


He is the biggest piece of shit and it’s a toss up who I want out of office more - him or Trump. If McConnell were in DnD he would be Lawful Evil.


And that’s why we can’t have nice things.


Mitch’s grave is going to have more human shit covering it than anyone else’s in history.


I feel like folks should just go and shit on his lawn.


Yeah, I’m tired of all this waiting.


I console myself by remembering that I have a septic system, and I’m just saving it up to be extracted for glorious purpose. How much to rent a septic pump truck and drive it cross country?




… Caravan :)


Road trip! Penbladian God Emperor take the wheel!


Hold pls I’m adding all the Taco Bells and Zaxby’s along the way to a custom Google Maps route


If you want to detour through the Phoenix area Los Favoritos has some awesome brekfast burritos, that in combination with their red hot sauce will help get things moving.