The decline to moral bankruptcy of the GOP


Yes of course you would. That’s the way your lot thinks.


I think you need to brush up on some more history. The government isn’t shutting down Gab, and the Trump targeting the media is government. He had people removed and gave exclusives like some sort of celebrity instead of a leader of a nation. You clearly have no idea what the Nazis did to make comparisons like you are.


Don’t forget to add rape and blackface to the championing of infanticide to the oh so not morally bankrupt Democrats’ charming month so far.


I know what the history is. Thing is free speech is an American moral value, not just a constitutional amendment. Trump’s “targeting” is nothing more than his own exercise of his personal right to free speech. Never in the history of this country has the press felt or been so free to slam the POTUS in every way imaginable. As for the president giving interviews with favored media, that’s been standard operating procedure for at least my lifetime.


I stand by what I said. This is proof enough. You don’t even understand our history.


Ironically I posted it because it was a supportive example of the post that I was responding to. Mainly:

I’d say there is some truth to that. Also, the vid is hilarious.


Looks like Malathor’s got some fire in his belly today.


Yeah. A garbage fire.


“it’s not fair to say bad things about someone when they do bad things”



When you start to reply to someone like this, remember that he thinks Trump is a hero then know that your time is much better spent elsewhere.


He didn’t say which individuals or even investigations he’d seen pardons for.


With the new AG approved (wasn’t he last week) isn’t Whitaker’s time limited?


Really? No one valued free speech before Americans?

I’m with @Nesrie on this: You’re ignorant of history.


Man, someone doesn’t remember Glenn Beck in the summer of '09 calling Obama a national socialist while having footage of Nazi soldiers marching in the background.


Look up what the opposition press called any president (including guys like FDR and Lincoln) and you can see how idiotic it is saying that the treatment of Trump is somehow historical.

Let’s face it, Trump has egged on the opposition by tweeting at them, by calling them names and by trying to get them removed from press conferences.


Why are any of you engaging with the guy who’s just reading from the 4chan Guide to Insulting Libtards?


I feel like its time to plug to arrendek’s wonderful Tampermonkey script for Discourse again… it can turn posts by disingenuous trolls into blurs, removing your temptation to engage ;-)


Still doesn’t work for me. :(


To paraphrase Sideshow Bob, the right wing has always wished to be ruled over with an iron fist, so their endorsement of God-Emperor trump is really not a surprise.