The decline to moral bankruptcy of the GOP


The funny thing is that I don’t think that Mal should be banned. I have considered arguments as to why he should. Nope, no mental traction. He’s an idiot and a Trumpet, but he isn’t in any way trying to hide his hate. Not like gman and his clones. He isn’t trolling. He believes his shit.

He’s a certain kind of an exhibit here. Like Teddy Rex was. Shake the bars of the cage now and then. Watch the big bad dance. Then cover the cage for a few months.


Not sure which thread this might go in, but this is just, like, your opinion, man…


Honestly the warhammer trump thing is kind of amusing, in its own way. I mean it’s not like the Space Marines are exactly the good guys. Heck it would have been amazing if it was a Chaos marine garb.

I could go either way on whether that was meant to be mocking or supportive of Trump.


institutional economic anxiety


Hey dumbass. Never in the history of this country has someone lied and tried to gaslight the populace every single day like trump has. People SHOULD be attacking him every day for his russian styled propaganda.

Also - in your whining about free speech, did you forget trump has wanted to have CNN, MSNBC, WPost, and NYTimes shut down? Remember him talking about that? Rememeber his threats?
Remember him suing people who tried to tell the truth about him to shut them up? Remember him paying people off to shut them up? Remember his friends paying people off to hide the truth about trump’s past?

You’re so intellectually dishonest it makes me want to barf.


In a country where the government is stealing kids away from the loving arms of their alleged parents near the border, Cindy McCain is simply trying to be a part of the solution by making sure kids like this aren’t being secreted through the country by undercover adoption agents of the regime.


“I spotted — it looked odd — it was a woman of a different ethnicity than the child, this little toddler she had. Something didn’t click with me. I tell people ‘trust your gut.’ I went over to the police and I told them what I thought, and they went over and questioned her, and by God she was trafficking that kid.”

I think we need more than hey these two don’t look like the same race in order to get people harassed by police. Her gut could also just be… bias.


In fairness, maybe Cindy McCain has simply never before seen a mother with… oh, wait nevermind.


Yeah… i kept waiting for her to say oh the child looked scared, tried to pull away… something other than race that would explain this “gut” feeling, and she never actually explains what made her think something was wrong other than, well, just race.


Today in stupidity: The government calling for the end of Free Speech isn’t a threat to Free Speech, but pointing out that someone in government is corrupt is a violation of Free Speech.

It couldn’t possibly be a dumber argument, but it was just made, several times.

It’s a fucking cult.


I’m more than happy to share your outrage, Shiva, but it would help if i knew what the heck you were talking about.


This is idiotic.

Do you even remember the Obama presidency?

This petty shit has been going on for decades. It is only being amplified now by how idiotic the president is being, publicly ranting on social media, giving them TONS of ammunition. I know I am doing so right now, but you know the saying about feeding the trolls.



I can only assume you have Malathor on ignore in some fashion.


If only more people did they might stop themselves from wasting time talking to it like it’s people.


Guessing he has yearbook photos of him in drag?


The new script thread is here: A QT3 on Discourse User Script

That’s the one from before the migration. :)

I haven’t thought about it for a while, but it does still work for me.

Rich, I’m actually surprised GreaseMonkey hasn’t fixed that bug yet, it was a while ago that they identified it.


Android awaits the plugin. 😢


I think you can run extensions in Android Firefox, so theoretically I think it could run there but it’s probably going to be pretty slow.

I think the only way to get it completely right on Android would be to make an actual Discourse client app to add these features to. And that sounds like a bit of work. :) Especially since you’d be at the whims of the Discourse team to maintain consistency in API (which they may very well be doing) or else they’d break your app with updates, plus you’d need to maintain different API endpoints/rules for various versions on various sites, since you’d probably want to make it more generic than just something for QT3.


Maybe you could get on that @wumpus