The decline to moral bankruptcy of the GOP


Danica Roem is so easy to like.

She gets invited to the American Music Awards, and she’s on the red carpet with Demi Lovato, and it’s such a goofy, weird bit of “Look at us” from the AMA.

And then they put a mic in front of Danica and ask her some non-descript boilerplate question she’s supposed to give a lay-up answer to…and instead she pivots to traffic, infrastructure, and the electrical towers that need to be moved on Rt 28.

And then the next morning (guess she took a red-eye back) she was back in her district, visiting an elementary school.

She may have a career at this.


I hope she does. I’d love to see her down at events in North Carolina next year.


Doug Jones pretty much has the airwaves to himself in AL right now.

New ad:


Current state of affairs - people feel the urge to point out that their relationships were with “mature adult women”.


Don’t forget consensual!


There are definitely multiple white Republican congressmen and Senators checking out his dick in the privacy of their government offices right now.


The situation, unsurprisingly, has many Republicans stressed out—even depressed. This is especially true among the women strategists, activists, and other leaders who’ve been laboring to address their party’s gender gap. In recent years, the GOP has struggled to combat its image as a pack of grumpy old white guys. Trump, to put it gently, has not been helpful in that regard. Worse still, the overheated, culture-warring nature of Trumpism has disrupted some of the most common avenues Republicans had been using to reach women. And worst of all: Not even the party players who focus on this issue seem to have any sense of where to go from here.


Time to dust off the old “Women shouldn’t have gotten the vote,” articles from the Right.



Woop woop, new job opening in Alabama. Employment opportunities on the rise.



That’s weird. Seeing as they’re owned by News Corp. I suppose the local editorial board must know their readership may swing populist, but they’re New York populists who know from long experience Trump is a skunk. But even so you’d think their masters would have a stronger grip on the reins.


Well, the front page drives sales. What else could they do?


The Fox News approach is to ignore something like this completely in favor of some squalid antiscience human interest story like a flat-earther about to launch himself to heaven or a panel discussing why the antivaxxers are right after all. So it really is somewhat surprising.


It’s amazing that Roy Moore is going to win anyway.



Wow. Just wow. I don’t even.


That’s breathtaking. If that were in a satirical cyberpunk movie/comic I’d laugh it off as too “on the nose.”

Incidentally, if Roy Moore wins, he won’t be the first guy in politics to bounce back from allegations of molesting teenage girls.


Wow. She’s working for that lying sack of shit O’Keefe.


She’s like an alt-right suicide bomber. Pure, unadulterated “the ends justify the means” political partisanship.