The decline to moral bankruptcy of the GOP


She’s like an alt-right suicide bomber. Pure, unadulterated “the ends justify the means” political partisanship.


Reminder that Trump donated 10k to Veritas, and Trump JR had been in contact with her:




I bet these guys call themselves Christians and supporters of the Constitution.




Hmm. That really just gives McConnell cover to seat Moore when he inevitably wins.



Spoiler alert: NOPE!


It’s probably another one of those so-called gentleman agreements that relies on Congress to actually care even if it’s their party.


Lucky for us Congress is just full of gentlemen these days.


The allegations also seem to have helped solidify Moore’s Republican base — 88 percent of those who had voted for Donald Trump said they would now “definitely” vote on December 12, compared with just 82 percent in mid-November.

Finding out he’s a pedophile made Republicans more likely to vote for him.

Only two percent said they’d change their mind if more accusers came out, and one percent said they’d believe the charges if Trump said he did. An astonishing 97 percent said nothing would make them believe they were true.

97% of Moore supporters will never change their minds, no matter what. Moore could molest their pre-teen daughters in front of their own eyes and they still wouldn’t believe it.


Well, you wouldn’t want to be one of those wishy-washy types who twist in the wind and change their opinion just because new evidence is available.


And yet somehow we’re supposed to listen to these people, reason with them, and understand where they’re coming from. I cannot understand how anyone can be okay with a thirty year old men molesting 14 year old girls. I have zero consideration for that mindset. This isn’t fiction. These were actual victims and still, still they go with Democrats and liberals are the enemy.

You can’t reason with thinking like that.


You might even say they’re a … basket of deplorables.


There is no situation where he wasn’t going to get seated.


In retrospect, I feel like Clinton backing off that statement was the greatest error of her campaign.

She should have owned it. She should have doubled down on it, and said, “you are damn right that I think a bunch of those people are terrible. They are. Everyone knows they are. I don’t fucking need their vote.”


Hell, yes. I’ve been saying that for over a year now to anyone who will listen.