The decline to moral bankruptcy of the GOP


The crazy preacher guy jeffress that Trump always has as a prop literally tells people that the Catholic Church is the best described in Revelations.

He literally says this, in public.


Yes, I grew up having preachers teach that in public too. The pope was always a perennial favorite suspect.

I somehow guess that Pope Francis is especially targeted in this respect, considering he seems to actually believe and follow the footsteps of Jesus as best he can. What with caring for the poor, needy, downtrodden, and generally being compassionate. Who needs that type of pansy leading things, clearly he is the mouthpiece of the devil trying to fool the good Jesus following evangelicals into giving up their pollution, tax breaks for the rich, guns, racism, disdain for the poor…


Damn papists…



Cool. Now all we have to figure out is how to get them to vote.


Ruining their internet is probably a good start, so there is that at least.


Paying extra to stream and watch streams should do it.


Finding out they don’t get to deduct their student loan interest like everyone else did might help too. I mean I know they were really looking for free college, but the GOP going the other route, making it more expensive might be noticeable.


We see similar statistics with the Tories, who might be extinct within a few generations.

Providing the millennials dont mature in the same way the boomers and gen x did and turn into Republicans/Tories.


Same way, was raised around the evangelical crowd, as far as I’m concerned they’re not Christians and are mostly scum.


They did in Virginia.
For all the doom and gloomers (and I fall into that category now and again, especially with news that the tax bill is likely to pass now) VA is ray of hope. Massive turn out - and the top of the ticket was a pretty bog standard Democrat.


I don’t think of it as doom and gloom, they’re just historically low turnout. You are right about Virginia, but then again it’s one data point. We’ll see how things go, like in Alabama in a couple weeks for instance.


I’m pretty tired of hearing how demographically the GOP is doomed. When they stop winning every fucking election, maybe I’ll buy it.

And if they are doomed, chances are they’ll take the rest of us down with them in a fiery Gotterdammerung!


Demographics just means that in a generation or two, if the party doesn’t continue to subvert democracy more and more each year, it will be dead. It doesn’t really help us now and they can do a lot of damage before then.

The other question is if things continue as they are going, in 20 years, will a democrat even be able to win if they get 70% of the vote.

I also think demographics can change in the other direction and republicans are doing this by attacking education. The way you win against these people is mostly by teaching their children critical thinking and basic science/facts.


This is just bullshit. The same fucking articles were coming out when Obama won. The republicans are finished, they’ll never rebound, blah, blah, blah.

Articles like this seem only there to placate democrats and get them to think they are winning when they are not. The republicans have almost overwhelming taken over the entire US in terms of federal / state / local representation.

I’ll remain skeptical until the 2018 midterms. Virginia is anecdotal. Alabama will show you how deep these republican roots run - and I’d pay more attention to the vote turn-out than I would who wins because many may stay away only to be able to say they didn’t vote for him when they aren’t voting against Moore.


Democratic victories like that in Virginia will just make remaining Republicans that much more determined to come out to the polls and hang on to what they have. Sure, the demographics say that Democrats have the larger numbers nationwide…but those numbers have to actually show up at the polls to be effective. Thus far Democrats don’t seem to be pushing that message very strongly.

Democrats need to get out the message that “If you stay home on election day, you’re directly assisting Trump and the Republicans.” Bottom line.


It is also possible that those demographic changes continue to happen in places where it doesn’t matter electorally.


Yeah, like California.

+3 m votes to Hillary, didn’t matter…


Is there something like a gofundme page where we can contribute to buy El Presidente buckets of KFC in the hope that he’ll choke on it one of these days?


Don’t we need a trendline of the demographic shift before any conclusions can be drawn? Haven’t young people always leaned democrat? People tend to turn conservative when they start making money and having babies.