The decline to moral bankruptcy of the GOP


I mean AQ probably loves the guy, right? Kiddy-diddling religious fundamentalists of a feather, and all that…


I believe Trump has had a real effect on white liberals and millenials- he’s scaring the crap out of them. Unsure about minority liberals at the moment- but he might be doing it there as well.

Dems could probably do well playing the same politics of fear as Republicans, especially if they started radicalizing themselves.

BTW I think Dems in NC at least get Cooper a Veto in 2018. THey only need to flip 3 House seats for that, and the NC State legislature is actually less gerrymandered than Virginia’s House of Delegates (though NC does run about 2-3 points more conservative)


You’re not sure if Trump scares minority liberals? Spoiler alert: He does.


Pretty sure Trump scares minorities, full stop.


He probably could have added a “enough to change their voting habits” on the end of that.

Everyone predicted a massive turnout of Hispanic voters to oppose Trump in 2016, but percentage-wise, Trump got about as much as Romney did and Clinton got fewer than Obama did in 2012 and a LOT fewer than he did in 2008. In terms of raw numbers, more Latinos voted in 2016 than in 2012… but not by as much as their population growth in that time would have predicted.

Black voters didn’t turn out for Hillary (or against Trump) either. She got about the same percentage as Obama got, but the numbers were far, far below 2012’s totals and not int he same ballpark as 2008. That was expected, but some of us had hoped that the African American public would be energized/scared enough about a candidate who cozied up to the KKK that they’d come out in greater numbers.


In 2012, Atkinson was found guilty of obstruction and conspiracy for ordering two of his children to destroy a hard drive of a digital video recorder, which held evidence that incriminated his son for child molestation. At the time, William James “Will” Atkinson IV was in a Honduras jail awaiting trial on charges that he molested children at an orphanage the Atkinson family owned. Those allegations came to light when his younger brother, Jonathan Atkinson, set up a secret surveillance system in Will’s office after some of the children said they had been touched inappropriately.

That’s mighty Christianly of him.


Trump targets minorities as a convenient way to give racist, bigotted or anxious and scared white people a boogeyman to blame. Scared is not quite the right word for it.


And once again, while some Conservatives passed around ridiculous fake stories about Democrats running a child sex ring out of a pizza parlor, other Conservatives were busy actually molesting children. It’s become a sad truism : If a Conservative levels a crazy accusation at someone, it means they’re guilty of something even more disgusting and insane themselves.


Watch the video, it’s really something.


So, Lindsey Graham is now carrying water for Trump?


The reason I said what I said is talking to a older black churchlady who worked for Hillary down here on minority turnout- she said most of those folks didn’t think Trump was any different than any other Republican, and the younger ones though Hillary wasn’t going to do anything for them- so screw her.

That’s why the minority vote was down- she had the older crowd, but the younger crowd busted (most were supporting Bernie or nobody- and stayed home in the general)


Funny, that:


Turn out was down sure, but it’s not as if the Trump vote was as neatly split as it was for whites. There were also several attempts to make voting difficult in several areas, more so than usual.

I’ll give the Bernie crowd a hard time for a lot of things, but I think largely they voted against Trump and maybe they didn’t show up in masses to support Hilary but that’s an age where turn out isn’t great to begin with.


Didn’t the Federalist used to have some shred of dignity?

In my mind, Jones’ position is so extreme that a vote for him is a vote for the greater of two evils by a wide margin. It’s hard to imagine much worse than the mass murder of innocents. That’s also not taking into consideration his many other views with which conservatives disagree.

Furthermore, there is no reason to think that Moore, as an old, married man, is still trying to have sex with teens. All the accusations target his early thirties before he was married. But Jones supports infanticide in utero today. Virtue-signaling Republicans condemning other Republicans for voting for Moore strike me as being more concerned about their own appearance than the seriousness of abortion and the mental state of someone supporting it.

Why are no Republicans or Democrats calling for Jones to step aside if not for the fact that they are really not that serious about the immorality of supporting infanticide in the womb? If Moore should step aside, so should Jones.

French’s #NeverMoore and #NeverTrump stances fall prey to what philosophers call a reductio ad absurdum, an argument that reduces itself to absurdity. If one can’t vote for someone who is better (that is, less bad or less evil) or who is equally bad but has better policies, then one should opt out of politics and the voting process altogether! But since that’s not the case, the #Never_____ position fails. It’s that simple.


That’s pretty much how it went. The White Bernie voters showed up for Hillary more- but they’re a lot more politically active in general (the ones that turned did go for Trump though)


This line of logic means that virtually anybody should be elected as long as they are anti-abortion. For example, if Charles Manson had somehow gotten paroled and run for senate on an anti-abortion ticket, you could say, “Masterminding the murder of a handful of rich Californians is pretty bad, but compared to the mass murder of innocents, it’s completely trivial.”


By George, I think he’s got it!



Can churches retain their tax exempt status if they actively support political candidates?


They’ve been doing it for years, and Trump and his goons wanted to make it openly legal.