The decline to moral bankruptcy of the GOP


Spoiler: “They” consists of “lesbians, gays, bisexuals, socialists”. Surprised he left out “coloreds” and “atheists”.


I look forward to many fruitful years of Roy Moore using the power of his Congressional seat to rape teen girls in the Capitol building while giving speeches about how people like me are the real issue.


Well, you are.


Hey! I am too, damn it! Always being left out.


The ex-fundie, ex-Republican conservative in me wholeheartedly embraces this man’s message.


Yeah, wow. You go baptist dude. I’m amazed that got printed, and a little disappointed they don’t have comments on that site.


This is awesome.


I don’t understand the outrage. If someone sues and wins over wrongful dismissal, it’s the employer that pays out, right?

Podliska was employed by the government, so the government is on the hook for wrongful dismissal regardless of which bonehead made the decision.


The outrage is the banana republic misuse of govt resources and funds.


Why is this? Is it because it’s easier to reach orbit near the equator?


Uh, the red states with silos are not generally in the south, so the equator has nothing to do with it. States with silos are the Dakotas, Colorado and Nebraska for the most part. Away from big cities.


Being on/near the equator helps for some orbit types (including geostationary) - hence why most commercial launch facilities are as close to the equator as possible. For a sub-orbital ICBM that’s going to head on a minimum-energy path to Russia (that is, over the pole) you just want them as close to the target as possible. Other factors though would be distance from population centres, soil composition, etc.

I think nowadays the US only has 3 operational silo fields - in Wyoming, N. Dakota and Montana. All with LGM-30G Minuteman IIIs.



I feel that cartoon’s a bit unfair to the GOP. There are at least 1 or 2 witches in the group among all the old white warlocks.


Not on most of the committees, like those concerned with abortion and women’s rights, of course.


Fuck those freeloading… (check notes)… children.


How does anyone support someone that says shit like that about children’s healthcare? And people want us to talk to these morons and work out our differences.


It’s even better when they literally say that while giving over a trillion dollars to rich people and exploding the deficit. We can’t afford to save children, but money is literally no object when it comes to paying off the people that pay us off.


There’s makers and then there’s takers.


Well you see, Roy Moore was simply following the Republican agenda, just took it a little too literally.

“No, no, Roy, you fuck OVER the children, you don’t actually fuck them.”