The decline to moral bankruptcy of the GOP



This is such a saddly and correctly named thread.



Hatch is all in for pedophilia now.


Here is ultimately how lost the GOP voters have become.

They think that in order to enact some moral rule of law, that they MUST resort to putting overtly immoral men into power. We need to vote for Trump, because even though he’s clearly immoral to the extreme, he’ll support the moral policies we want! Sure, Moore is likely a pedophile, but he’ll support the policies we want!

But if you think about this for more than 5 seconds, it becomes obvious why it won’t work.

If all of these men are immoral, why on Earth would they implement good, moral policy? Giving them power when you know they are immoral, is absurd. It’s a suckers play.


They have it on good authority that God will guide them


It’s really not. Today, these immoral men will give the public what they want because they need to do that to stay in power. That’s today. Later after they’re in power and continue to exercise their power to erode any resemblance of check and balances we have, they won’t have to pretend anymore.

The human race has a history of charismatic leaders who say what the populace wants to hear. That does not stop them from becoming horrific instruments of destruction and hate… later. Trump supporters and the GOP live in the now, heck even the current minute.


The tomorrow you describe is today.

They currently do blatantly immoral stuff which only benefits themselves. And they just lie about it to their supporters.

Even when they are caught lying, they just deny it… or hell, now just say, “no matter what, you can’t vote for a Democrat!”

I mean, holy fuck, this is literally the argument they are now using in Alabama.


They can’t feel it today. Look, you look at a lot of the GOP and Trumpsters and you see a lot of unhappy people. it doesn’t matter if it’s their fault. It doesn’t matter if a liberal attempt or policy will help them. They’re unhappy today, and they feel like this is their chance to control everything, to make the world the way they think it should be. The fact that they will be worse off or just as unhappy in the world, that’s not today.

They have gay marriage. today. They have abortion, today. They have taxes, today. They have dying industries today. They have black neighbors today. They have girlfriends and wives that want to make something out of themselves instead of be man slaves, today. For some reason they think giving the government all this power, only their government of course, is somehow going to get them everything they’ve been told they want and then they’ll be satisfied or happy… except they won’t be.

You know that. I know that, but that is not today.


The sad thing, the really truly sad thing, is that gay marriage, abortion, black neighbors, and independent women do them no harm; in fact all these things are good for society at large and for every individual in society. Opponents of these things are only harming themselves.

And of course Republicans have no interest in offering these people good jobs or improved living standards either. So all these stupid fearful people who have allowed their minds to be turned by decades of big lie tactics are no longer engaged with reality in the slightest way. These people are the truly lost generation, but it’s worse than that because it’s not just a single lost generation, it’s a thread of know-nothing lost heritage that has poisoned America ever since its inception.


Clearly, Judge Roy Moore is a victim here not a predator. He obviously grew up listening to too many rock and roll songs about young girls, which caused his slide into moral depravity

While I won’t call pedophiles an underrepresented group in Congress, and I am not aware of any open pedophiles currently serving. Has NAMBLA endorsed Judge Moore yet?


I think there are lot of people who struggle, who see the Democrats as a redistribution center to people who sit on their ass all day and tell everyone else what they’re entitled to. If they care about abortion, one way or the other, they’ve never said. They probably don’t really side against the LGBTAQ group, but they oppose being forced to work with people they don’t want to work with. If they have strong opinions about the rapes, the sexual harassment or the use of minors by men… they’ve never said.

What they are is a group of individuals who worked almost every day of their lives since they were young adults into the fifties and sixties, who have nothing to show for it now, due to a combination of mistakes they made and the decisions of others who brought their industries down or forced us into a recession. Now they have one party that wants to take what little they have and give it to the generations behind them while they have nothing to retire on and just see their paychecks shrink and another party that tells them it’s not their fault and they will do something other than giving all their money to immigrants, college kids, and sick people who won’t work. That’s outweighing an arguments of morality. And when the Dems tell them to give more money now and they’ll be better off later, they simply don’t believe them; they don’t trust those voices.

When the GOP says we’ll give you tax cuts and freedom, that simply sounds better. Free college doesn’t matter, and they didn’t go to college anyway. Medicare is around the road so healthcare for everyone is just something the others haven’t worked for and demand from them. They have little to no empathy for anyone they don’t understand or don’t know. Even if they did, it probably wouldn’t be enough because even I apparently don’t have enough to satisfy the hard left… I can’t imagine how those conversations go with them and it’s not a liberal member of their family.

They’ll turn from the GOP when they finally realize that the promises, the help, isn’t coming, and that will be during Trump’s second term. Well assuming there is anything viable on the left for them.



That image went up on FB.




Man, are they going to be in for a shock when they meet Jesus.


Things it’s not OK for a pedophile to represent: Subway sandwiches

Things that are OK: the people of Alabama


Damnable atheists like me don’t even have the satisfaction of that schadenfreude.


I’d say it’ll be a bigger shock when they literally can’t, but of course, it’s hard to shock the blissfully unaware dead.

I mean, sure, with sufficient voltage, even a desiccated corpse can probably be made to dance, but that’s just macabre, even for a deceased Moore voter.