The Departed just got better

…if you’re a fan of The OC or SNL Digital Shorts, that is.

I don’t get it.

Link to the original SNL short?

It’s hard to find right now, NBC took it down in response to the VT incident.

I don’t get it, either.

Original scene from The OC

The SNL short “Dear Sister” is almost impossible to find online right now because of the Virginia Tech thing.

Okay so a brief rundown of what happens in said skit?

Oh, well now I understand the SNL skit.

One guy, I think Sandberg, is writing a letter, and the guy that does the Pacino impressions comes in. Sandberg shoots him, and that music starts playing. Then the Pacino guy, not quite dead, takes the pistol and shoots Sandberg, music plays again. Shia Lebouf walks in and the not quite dead Sandberg shoots him, music plays. Girl walks in, all three not quite dead guys shoot the girl repeatedly, the song starting over with each gunshot. Two cops walk in later, one picks up the letter and starts reading it to the other cop. Something to the effect of “Get a load of this. The letter says ‘Here’s what probably happened. I probably shot guy 2, he probably shot me, then Shia probably walked in and got shot, then the girl walked in and we probably all shot her, then two cops found this letter and shot each other—’” and as he gets to that point in the letter, the two cops shoot each other for no reason, with the music playing for both of them now.


I thought it was funnier when it appeared to be totally random, before I realized it was a spoof.

Yeah, it was quite impressive as a stand alone sketch.

It’s kinda funny to think that the lonely island dudes watch the OC though, right?

Damn, sounds great.

Did SNL manage to get good in the last year or something? I stopped watching it because it became painful.

The SNL short! Get it while it’s still up!

Awesome, good work.

Here’s the SNL skit. Don’t know how long it will be up.

Not SNL, just the Lonely Island guys doing the SNL Digital Shorts. Those shorts are the only consistently funny things on SNL.

The Peyton Manning United Way bit was good, though.

Don’t use that link, the sound is way out of sync.

My wife and I just finished watching the Tivo of that SNL… Gotta say, that sketch was just disturbing that close to VT. Kinda killed the funny.

I’m really getting annoyed with the way that song is being so poorly used in movies and tv. It’s a great song, and ding-dongs like Tony Goldwyn and these OC goofballs have no idea how to use it.

All these people saw Garden State, thought it was good, and figured all they had to do was throw in a similar type of song into their project and presto-bammo: brilliance.

It particularly annoyed me in The Last Kiss.

Oh well. This has very little to do with this thread. Just wanted to get it off my chest.

“By the way, it says BALLS on your face.”


I think the song, starting at that point of course, would make a great ring tone now.