The Departed just got better

Could someone describe the scene in The OC that this parodies? I never bothered watching more than 2 episodes.

edit: nevermind, missed the video link up top. Ok that makes a bit more sense now. The SNL skit was funny, regardless.

Well, they already made the O.C. spoof “The 'Bu”.

The Youtube Departed thing was a million times funnier than the SNL skit, which was neither controversial nor funny. The Digital Short people have created one(1) funny bit, Lazy Sunday, and that was like a year ago. God SNL blows.

Clearly you have not seen Dick in a Box or the Natalie Portman rap thing.

Although the Natalie Portman and Dick in a Box shorts both follow the “One joke, well pounded” rule that has kept SNL kind of bad for the last 20 years.

What he said. Also,the Natalie Portman rap thing didn’t even have the initial one good joke, it just regular sucked.

I liked the one with Rainn Wilson and the office meeting.

And for you Lost fans (S2 spoilers in the clip):

The Office!

This might be the least funny internet joke I’ve ever seen. Four clips, and the only thing that was remotely funny was when the guy in the green shirt got shot in the SNL skit. And that was only kinda funny.

The only really horrible one is The Office, mainly because it doesn’t fit the meme at all. The Lost one was funny though.