The Destruction of Friedrich Nietzsche

Nietzsche’s existence is built upon abuse. The abuse he feels he has received from the world, and the revenge he takes upon the world for such. As Nietzsche’s will was defeated (he could not end or leave the abuse received from the world) he abandoned Western culture which first and foremost believes in the supremacy of the individual will (perhaps that’s the ONLY thing the West believes in post-God).

Nietzsche himself said it, that you cannot create something out of defeat. Nietzsche’s project was to get the West to abandon itself out of self-perceived futility, therefore finding a new way (or perish in nihilism).

Unfortunately, however, I don’t recall humans ever doing that before. The understood model is an emerging (prior to that, unchanging) humanity which through external conquest is forced into change. Such an understanding is the basis for the promotion of military war and has been linked to other things such as patriarchy.

Nietzsche saw abuse as powerful, probably especially powerful in a culture which so values the individual will (since abuse is the one thing that destroys it). Perhaps obviously, fascism is a derivative of Nietzsche… a tool used to help humans appreciate the limiitations of their own will.

20th century culture was dominated by Nietzsche… insanity, surrealism, quantum mechanics, socialism (including fascism and communism), all “helped humans to appreciate the limitations of their own will”.

Nietzsche wanted creation by proxy… he’s gotten a lot of the proxy but little of the creation. No new land stands before us… the best things of today are questions, not answers. Perhaps an overheated abuse model was not the best way to start things off.

I get the feeling everything Brian knows about Nietzsche he learned from reading previews of the Xenosaga games.

He’s been on Nietzsche a while, hasn’t he? This isn’t a bad thing, though, because surely nothing will be able to keep us safe when he gets to Sartre.

Brian, no offense, but you’re a real jerkoff. It’s bad enough when you abort one of your supersonic submoronic high-colonic irrational^4 arguments as soon as someone with a brain shuts you down, but to start one on essentially the same topic, Neetch, just a month give or take later? Weak sauce, brah.

Maybe he should read some Camus, totally misconstrue his arguments about suicide and relieve us of his continued existence?

Koontz posts were a lot more tolerable when he was interspersing them with bizarre forum statistics.

It’s almost worthy of a poll.

Which is worse? Choice 1 or 2:
[li]Everything I know about Nietzsche I learned from reading Koontz’s Qt3 posts.[/li][*]Everything I know about Nietzsche I learned from accidentally watching a few minutes of a few episodes of Andromeda and listening to the dialog of the "[SIZE=2]Nietzschean" main character.[/SIZE][/ol]I think I vote 1.