The difference between ham and eggs

I know this book has some dubious dirt (I haven’t read it myself) but this is just a hilarious exerpt:

Page 251: The family patriarch, Prescott Bush, questions W.'s seriousness about attending Yale, the Bush clan alma mater. “It’s the difference between ham and eggs,” he says. “The chicken is involved. The pig is committed.”

More highlights from the book here:

Page 253: At Andover, George W. Bush writes a morose essay about his sister’s death. Searching for a synonym for “tears,” he consults a thesaurus and writes, “And the lacerates ran down my cheeks.” A teacher labels the paper “disgraceful.”

This is just too good to be true.


If this is true, it’s the most hilarious thing ever.

Any single one of those things is pretty funny.

You know, considering that dumb ass is the leader of your country and everything.

Sharon Bush, W.'s ex-sister-in-law, tells Kelley that Bush has used cocaine at Camp David “not once, but many times.”