The Dig - the heart yearns for something like this

How many of you played Lucasarts amazing game, “The Dig”. I was watching a trailer for another game and something totally unrelated suddenly thrust my mind back to being on that steroid. The scene where an area is roped off and you’re trying to find a ladder into the depths, that game was as good as half the sci-fi films out there and had a lasting effect on my mind.

If it didn’t look like utter shite (edit - on my monitor) I would be playing right now even though my lung is filling with fluid from snowblowing and I can’t get my mind off how much trump scares me and how he does not care that he’s bringing people to govern with him that could destroy our country, I need the Dig. I need my love letter from Lucasarts, to take me away.

Please discuss and give all warm and fuzzy feelings :)

I played it, never beat it. That puzzle where you reassemble the bones of the turtle thing then reanimate it after putting a bomb into it just escaped me completely and I set the game aside, never went back to it. Always meant to, I should check if it’s on GOG or something.

I was never smart enough to beat the game, but by God did I ever read the hell out of Alan Dean Foster’s entirely competent novelization of it!

Linkage baby! Sweet sweet referral dollars!

I would actually get this if it was on Kindle…

Obviously, The Dig is a favorite of mine and I really enjoyed playing it again for the Classic Game Club. jpinard, I don’t think the graphics are shite at all–they’re pixellated, sure, but beautiful nonetheless. The environmental background paintings in particular.

What’s wrong with that?

I concur Nightgaunt! Let’s have some movement:

At a stretch I’d say some of the visuals were a little inconsistent, whether it’s the character’s faces from one cutscene to another, or the unusual pairing of beautiful pixel art and pre-rendered 3D bits, but, yeah, that’s a stretch! A gorgeous game to me.

I’ll never forget the atmosphere and the overwhelming sense of place and mystery as my brother, mum and I explored the surface and those alien halls to Michael Land’s stirring score. It felt like we were in a sci-fi movie. Yeah, it was awesome.

We actually managed to finish it but it took us a long time and not without a little help!

“Ack! Guano, right in my eye.”

I remember playing The Dig many years ago. I never finished it either. I purchased The Dig again from GOG but my game backlog is so large that I don’t know when I will get around to playing it.

I meant it looks crappy on my monitor. Anything that is pixel art looks horrible because of my screen.

Ahh okay. Gave me a good excuse to post that animated gif anyway! ;-P

Borrowed it from a friend and played it through. I remember loving it, but other than the opening I don’t remember much.

ahha I edited original post. I loved the graphics when it was released. I remeber the lighting and coloring being praised in reviews for being so well done at the time. I believe Industrial, Light, and Magic worked on it.