The Division 2 - Make Washington D.C. Great Again

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Seriously, I’m excited about this game. The last thing I want is the slogo of the new nazi party in my face every time I enter the games category.

My god these “teamwork” voiceovers are so fake and stilted. Painful to listen to.

Division where the average person wearing a coat can take 60 rounds of 7.62 and be fine.

This is the unavoidable problem with FPS RPGs. Never seen a single one manage to escape this design ghetto.

yeah they should have hired me to do realistic chat… You dumb [email protected]#[email protected]#cker get gud! EAT a BAG OF D!#@S!

Also worth pointing out the release date has been announced, March 19, 2019.

I showed this to a friend who I use to play The Division with, wanting to share my happiness over this happening soon.
He was like “I’m not exited” and “Ubisoft always up scale their trailers” and “This just looks like more of what we’ve already played in The Division” and “Don’t get your hopes up”.

We’re not friends anymore.

He may be correct on both of these points, but I’m with you – I’m excited nonetheless :) The first game is fantastic, and I’m really looking forward to the sequel.

With any luck by the time the sequel rolls out I’ll be done with the first game. That thing is packed with content.

Looks like you can sign up for the beta here:

Interestingly, the info on that page says the in-game DC will be a 1:1 representation of actual DC. I think they got close to that, but not all the way, in Manhattan of the first game.

Honestly I think The Division is one of the best examples of how a game can live up to an initially ambitious trailer. Ubisoft completely delivered on their promises IMO. Sure there were problems on release in terms of amount of content and such, but it was one of the first genuinely “next gen” games I’ve played. Especially in terms of UI and networking feature implementations, and damned fine modern motion graphics work.

The first Division is a game that took its time finding its legs but when it did, man it was off like a shot. I played on release but kind of drifted away, and when I came back I was hooked.

If the sequel can take those lessons into the day one game, not like you know cough Destiny 2 cough, it could really be something.

Wow, that E3 video was so good. I am liking how they have improved the engine and creating new environment - water, jungle. And new weapons… this is going to be exciting!

Crapload of info dumped over on Reddit, I’ll link to it because it would take forever to even try to sum up:

One thing I will point out because I see it complained about often in the first game, they mention specifically that time to kill has been reduced in the sequel. There will still be tougher bullet-sponge types, but they will be more visually identifiable, with armor you can take off in chunks. I think the demo showed this in action, with the larger enemy that the player shot armor off his arm.

Man, that all sounds really great. Everything about the environmental diversity, to different types of enemies and combat encounters, to the revised modification and inventory systems, and so forth. Can’t wait.

And they don’t rule out a Battle Royale mode completely, they just say it won’t be there at launch. The Division is perfect for that kind of mode so I hope they’re able to build something interesting like that eventually.

I did like Division, there was the core of a good idea here, but felt it was missing… something… long term. Maybe Division 2 will nail the formula a bit better. I’m up for trying it.

The time to kill average enemies in the gameplay they’ve shown of Division 2 is much shorter than the first game.

Feel free to freind me on PSN, you’re obviously good people. :)

I am definitely keeping an eye on Division 2 and I even redownloaded Division 1. They have definitely added a lot to that game and it’s pretty great these days. Definitely a great example of a publisher supporting the heck out of a game. Looking forward to seeing where they go with Division 2.

I mentioned over in the thread for the first game that today they released version 1.8.2, but I did not mention that part of this was giving each player several caches - you should have at least two complete sets of gear, multiple weapons, mods and various currencies. If you’re looking to jump back in to take a look, now is a great time.