The Division 2 - Make Washington D.C. Great Again

Hmm not sure what or which that is. I keep having to break the BT blockade each session.

How do you see what wt you are at? My brother is playing coop with me, we’re doing the invaded missions for wt1 which he has not done yet but his gear score is 420 because he played with a wt5 friend who gave him geae

I think it’s just assumed by the current gear score?

You can see it on the map screen at top right.

Man, I am so grateful the civvies aren’t total die-instantly fodder.

The map in the “end-game” is designed to basically forever be in flux, as the different factions fight over stuff. You can stabilize specific control points for a while, by giving them resources, but that’s about it.

New mechanics also get added to the open world as you go up world tiers, which you may not have seen yet.

My brother joined me last night, I was at 301, he was at mid-400s. We did the two missions and stronghold and advanced to WT2 and I enjoyed finally being able to find gear higher than 300! I think my brother kind of regrets playing with his buddy who gave him all the gear (he went from about 280 to over 450 just by the gifts of the gear) because now there’s no excitement in finding a gun case for him because everything drops lower than his current gear score (he had not completed the missions to move up to WT2 until we did them and the game only drops gear at the level of your current tier, or the tier of whoever is in control of the group.) Apparently even with gear at mid to high 400s, once he stopped playing in his WT5 buddy’s game, and went back to his own, al the drops were at the WT1 level.

So now we’ll play together to try to get to WT5 so we can be at the same level. Oh - once you get to WT5, and have 500 type gear, are you now maxed on gear? No more loot incentive?

Also I WANT the nemesis sniper rifle since I play MMR/LMG but it appears to be a very long haul to get what I need for that.

500 is where you start really focusing on kitting out your build. Instead of just finding an armor piece that’s higher gear score, you start focusing on getting the right manufacturers. And then you start having to find the right gear Talents, and making sure you have enough Red/Green/White to run those talents.

My gear score is only 300 now and I spent an hour trying to rationalize/coordinate my gear so there’d be no unactivated talents but it was hellishly impossible. You’re telling me to ignore it until last tier of WT? Whether that’s 4 or 5?

Missions are gated in the higher world tiers, based on gear score.

Wait until you’re GS500/WT5. Otherwise you’re spending time optimizing a build with obsolete equipment.

Up until WT5, I basically just automatically deleted anything that was more than 5 points below my max GS. Another way to increase GS as you advance WTs is to immediately shop at all the vendors (White House, Campus, Theater and Cassie) as they often sell gear on the high end of your WT. It’s an immediate boost to your GS average as you go through more missions/strongholds.

How do you see your max GS? I’m at WT1 and I’m not seeing many drops beyond beyond 300 per piece. Is there a hard cap that forces you to do the missions to change world tiers and get higher drops?

WT1 goes up to 300, then it’s 50 extra points for each tier after that.

So I’ve just hit WT5 and what…I have to do these missions for a 3rd time?

The true endgame is in the meta where you now go online and complain about the lack of endgame on forums and Reddit.

Ah, OK, so once you hit 500 you start really focusing on Talents, recalibration, and maxing out, say,Damage to Elites, and all the other advantages. Got it.


Some random stupid questions:

  1. Where are the Russians? Cortana keeps telling me they are nearby but I haven’t encountered this faction yet.

  2. Is there any point to random people instancing in/out of the safe houses and White House? They aren’t people I’ve grouped with, have friended or in a clan with from what I can tell.

  3. Why is there always 1 bullet not in my gun I have to reload another time for?

Some tips:

  1. On disrupt-the-broadcast mission or anything where you have to activate something before the next wave arrives (like disable the scrambler for Black Tusk blockades) you can cheese it by waiting for your gadget/skill cooldown to reset before reactivating.

  2. I lied. I only had one “pro tip” so this isn’t really “tips” but rather, “just the tip.”

1 - No idea what you’re talking about. There’s no Russian faction.
2 - Explicit point? No. Beyond gawking at each other’s loadout I guess. Just small social spaces, I assume to make it feel like there’s more agents out there in the city beyond you.
3 - Drives me nuts. I think it’s the bullet in the chamber.

Hmm. I thought they’d be the same people in the same chat channel or something or we could interact with them in a lobby but it’s completely random and they fade in/out.

Someone else answered that I’d misheard “rations nearby.”