The Division 2 - Make Washington D.C. Great Again

I don’t think the stats change, or if they do, it’s a flat by tier/level thing. It seems that the doohicky that gives you +5% crit chance at level 10 gives you…+5% crit chance at level 40. Of course, by then, your base chance is probably higher.

OK, that’s what I was looking to find out, thanks.

They reduced the bullet sponginess of enemies below legendary and heroic today with a 500MB patch. Thank god, it was stupid on Challenging a day or two ago.

Rejoice! It was getting tiresome. Did they address the lousy RNG drops (too many mods, purples at 40+ Hard+) ??

Nope to the latter.

Major props for a great UI for quickly noting new gear and flagging it for mass sale, favoriting or recalibration fodder. I am ruthlessly efficient with the trigger buttons on what isn’t the highest level/gear score item.

Blues I keep items/weapons for my level and discard when I outlevel it. Purples get 2 level gap whole yellow I allow 3.

Once you get to the recalibration stage, the best thing about most new gear is the potential for an extractable value in a useful stat. I scan for the ones with very high stats (the darker background on the icon). My pattern when going back to base is usually to first go and extract stuff, then see if I can actually recal something, then check the crafting vendor/bench, then sell everything.

Yeah, I start from the right side, talent first and if none extractable work my way left. then vendor the rest.

Does anyone else have a bug where there is a ! marking new/unviewed mods where there aren’t any new ones?

Also, I’m a litte let down by how little there is to each of the 4 minibosses after the story build-up and trailers. A single breadcrumb mission and then a kill-em mission (that can be a little longer) but then it’s over.

For base game or WONY? The New York manhunt was pretty solid I thought. The DC stuff, yeah, the denouements are not quite stellar. I do love the bulk of the game leading into the end game, though. I’m leveling another agent just to revisit the story missions, which I actually generally like.

Yeah. That one drives me crazy. I move over every single mod in every category to get rid of the ! and it stays. Then at some point mysteriously disappears.

Yeah it went away mysteriously today, probably a mod I had that had the new status stuck

For WONY I felt. It was too abrupt with only 1 breadcrumb mission for each “warlord” or zero with Dragov/Wall Street.

Hmm, I thought I remember clearing each zone before I took on the bosses, with multiple missions. Maybe those weren’t strictly necessary?

Really enjoying this now. Now Ubi have got the hang of removing the looter shooter from their games, maybe they’ll do it here :)

It’s less offensive in the Division games, given the chaotic post semi-apocalyptic setting (though why they make the bad ass commandos of the US military and intelligence world buy their own gear from gouging quartermasters is beyond me–it’s so 19th century). Early on, it’s kind of fun, too, to loot some gear that’s (gasp!) actually better than what you are using. I find the gear progression a big draw, even though Ubi overdoes it with the bajillion nearly identical doo-dads and incremental upgrades.

It was refreshing that I dove into The Division 2 right after the non-existent loot system of Anthem.

Massive changed the daily/weekly projects at level 40 so it’s harder to earn blueprints for crafting. The subreddit recommends making an alt, doing the intro to unlocking the first skill and boosting to 30 without ever leaving DC. This along buying the shared blueprints and resources unlock.

So I gave this a try over the weekend, completing the first two story missions and can’t say I’m too eager to continue. I’m sure that the game opens up eventually and that the leveling up, upgrading and crafting is what helps with long term motivation, but I’m wondering if there is any variation to the basic gameplay later on?

Right now it all comes down to: go to this room/area, kill everybody, proceed. I’ve tried to do some sneaking (I know it’s not that type of game) but doors would only open once I had killed everybody in the area.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint has sneaking not this one.

Not being able to sneak isn’t really my complaint, it’s just that the basic gameplay seems super linear to me at this point and I’m wondering if that changes at all. Of course there will be variations when more gadgets become available, but I take it that “kill everybody, then move on” remains the MO?