The Division 2 - Make Washington D.C. Great Again

The setting is a cool return to the first Division game, this time in summer, and probably worth it just for the new environment. The missions are decent, the main quest thing is fairly short, but I found the experience well worth the cost of the DLC.

ok thanks maybe I will bite. But I’ve missed the Ubiforward promo discount damn it.

For me, I’d milked everything there was to take from Div2, done every mission dozens of times, explored every inch of the map, etc. WONY was worth it just to have a new world to explore. And it’s pretty cool, IMO. Yeah the new manhunt missions are, mostly, pretty good (though the final Keener mission is a bear) but, for example, you can explore almost all of the Chinatown area from rooftops.

Well that was frustrating. Spent 2 hours setting up the food truck (4 hunters at once) encounter only to have our group each miss 1-2 of the masks/keys.

Stuck it out in group with clan mates for another hour and redid it another 2 times until everyone had their missing masks.

My coop partner and I have decided, after about 1.34 million hours in Division 2, to finally hang it up. We’ve optimized about 7 kinds of builds (including a couple of skill builds that are crazy powerful) and maxxed everything out and just feel like we’ve done everything and seen everything and its become really repetitive.

We’re now scratching our open world military coop itch with Ghost Recon: Breakpoint. Very different, more “realistic” feel, terrible interface, turned off gear score so no constant trying to level up gear and weapons score, and since we don’t care at all about story (didn’t in Div2 either) and just want a big open world sand box to play in, enjoying it a lot. Posting on that in the Ghost Recon:Breakpoint thread.

We got WAY more than our money’s worth in Division 2. Enjoyed the heck out of it. Played mostly solo but later almost always coop, no raids or playing with strangers or DZ. But the amount of time we spent playing in it was a great hours to dollars ratio.

Got all DC + NYC hunters done. Just need Eagle Bearer from the Dark Hours raid to finish the DC wall.


So I’m raiding now. With the clan, it’s fun. Tried with randos from Discord and it was an utter shitshow.

Made the decision this week to delete Div2 from my PS4 hard drive. My brother and I have played this both each solo but mainly co-op since level 1, through all of the DLC, and we got to a point of being maxxed out, did it all, seen it all quite some time ago. We enjoyed the boost of “new” when the New York DLC came out, and I still enjoy just wandering New York on the rooftops, but we have realized everything is just been there, done that at this point. We stayed interested as we developed new builds (e.g. a very powerful skill build, great DPS builds, etc.) but we’ve pretty much exhausted that also.

So, we moved over to Ghost Recon:Breakpoint for our next coop military PVE game. It has it’s flaws (I don’t think anyone could develop a worse user interface if they had a contest for the worst UI) but it provides us a very nice, large, diverse and interesting open world to run around and fight in. And the last time we played together, we both sadly concluded, yeah, I’m not gonna go back to Div2.

This is not a criticism of Division 2 at all. We loved playing this game coop. We had some great times, some very interesting challenges, and we enjoyed the hell out of it. And we got a LOT of gaming hours out of it. Our game time to dollars spent was superb. Enough that I hate to delete it (I know as soon as I do they will come out with a “you’ve been transported to the jungles of Vietnam in 1969 via a time warp the bad guy accidentally opened” DLC and I won’t have my maxxed character to play it!) but I need the HD space.

I will say that we have a hard time finding great PVE open world coop games that aren’t set in space or fantasy. And unfortunately, we’re not into zombies, LOL!

I would have thought your characters are stored server side somewhere, so maybe you’ll be ok when Vietnam calls…

My guess is they’ve pretty much milked Div2 and aren’t spending many development resources on it now. The updates with things like the manhunts really aren’t anything new at all.

I think I’m done with Division 2 as well. I may pick up WONY somewhere down the road if it’s cheap but I’m not really feeling it right now. What I kind of am feeling, oddly enough, is getting back to survival mode in the first game. I love that, bums me out there’s nothing like it in Division 2.

Div2 is all about the sponge.

I’m still working on getting my Regulus and Eagle Bearer then I will quit.

Welp, wasn’t sure what game I was in the mood for, saw Div 2 + WONY for $24 and decided why not.

So far I’m enjoying the game a lot though I have no idea what the story is. The beginning cutscenes seem to assume you played Div 1 I guess. I know there was a pandemic of some kind, there was some bad guy group called the hyenas, a warship attacked us and we got recalled to a distressed signal in DC. I don’t even know where we were before we went to DC.

I just wish Ubisoft would update it with 60fps support on series x :-(

There are I am sure videos on YouTube if you are so inclined, but as far as I recall, the plot is something like this: On Black Friday (in some year, whenever) a dude with a grudge against modern capitalist society and a very Social Darwinist bug in his ear releases a virus he engineered, spread by physical contact, by infecting a butt-load of paper money that got circulated on the busiest shopping day of the year (talk about a reason for online shopping!). The plague rapidly spread world-wide, killing people en masse, and turning most cities into mass graveyards where for whatever Clancy-esque right wing paranoid reasons hordes of undesirables poured out of the woodwork and set up shop in epic Hollywood gang war fashion.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, there was some sort of political infighting in DC which saw the murder of the President and the ascension of a new leader, a dude you get to rescue in The Division 2. There’s also rumors of a broad-spectrum antibiotic or something that is supposed to cure the plague, but of course it’s lost or stolen or eaten by snake or whatever. The crux of the thing though is The Division, a super-sekret combination off special forces black ops people, undercover police operatives, and general might-makes-right thugs who somehow maintain amazing levels of training and skill while living as sleeper agents with no one the wiser. The President (I think the one who became president when the other one was killed?) activates The Division with some Love Potion #9 or something, and voila, you, the player, are there to save the day. That starts the first game.

The first game has you in NYC, ground zero for the outbreak I think, where you revel in massacring a horde of low-lifes depicted as barely disguised versions of young non-white men doing the sorts of things that terrify middle-class whites who only go into the city to see performances of the Lion King or to get sushi. Eventually you IIRC find the perpetrator, but a rogue Division agent (there is always a rogue agent) makes off with…something? someone? both? that can replicate the plague so there is room for a sequel.

In 2, you start off in NYC being sent to DC to handle a crisis there, though with the WONY DLC you will be heading back to the rotten apple eventually. In this second game you essentially do exactly what you did in the first, only with bad guys who are now slightly less egregious stereotyped. Oh, and there’s the uber-baddies, a bunch of PMC mercenary types who are working for some shadowy group that finds the plague warm and fuzzy (they might have shown up in the first game too, it’s been a while). These guys are your end-game sort of foes.

tl;dr, the only solution for the terrible world we live in is for hard-nosed authoritarians in military-issue jackboots to machine-gun everyone and everyone who would oppose truth, justice, and the American way, as defined by Reagan-era conservatives and people who thought Niedermeyer in Animal House was the second coming of Napoleon.

lol, thanks, that clears some of it up :)

What are the requirements for classified assignments? I have the ultimate edition which has the year 1 pass, but when I walk up to the classified assignment entrance it’s all scrambled, and it won’t let me hold F for the required amount of time. What am I missing?

I’m not sure. I dimly remember doing some of those (they are quite varied in quality IIRC, though some are pretty cool).I also dimly recall them appearing after I did something else? Sorry, I can’t really remember. Perhaps there’s something on one of the guides online.