The Division 2 - Make Washington D.C. Great Again


That’s crazy. Who makes your 1080ti?

Running the benchmark at 2560x1440p on Ultra-ish settings on my FE 1080ti I get 63 fps in the benchmark. Changing to DX12 bumps that to 69 fps, a 10% increase.


Added a bunch of people who posted in here, so if you get a request from GingerYellow, don’t be surprised. I’m on PC. Won’t be able to play until Saturday though.

Seems to run a lot better than either of the betas did for me, though that could be more to do with my system than anything else. I had a lot of weird stuttering playing the betas.


I told Windows to self-manage the size of my page file. I was able to get past the hotel mission, so my opinion of the game has drastically increased. I’m trucking along now!


Can I ask how you did this? I played a tiny bit of the beta and I crashed twice. I just updated my video drivers but I’m not sure if that’ll do the trick. I want to try everything I can to prevent crashes before I start playing late tonight.


I’m seriously impressed by the amount of work that went into some of these main story missions. No spoilers of course, but wow the detail of these interiors is something else. I hope you get to return to some of these areas later in the game.


This guide will walk you through it. I had been manually managing it and apparently hadn’t set it high enough. When I changed it back to let Windows handle it, it worked a lot better.


The crashing issue could be related to the use of the airborne turret, according to a developer posting on Reddit. At least they suggested not using it to see if that ‘improved’ on the game.

Unfortunately the level 30 guy I group with runs with it all the time, since it melts enemies, so we kinda need it.


Have him switch to Assault Turret for now. It’s nearly as good, and it won’t crash you ;)

I do love the Drone, but I only run it solo.


We running both already, for maximum crash :-)

I’m trying to get “off” the airborne and instead using the gas launcher, but enemies run out of the smoke so quickly.


I looted my first skill mods at level 10. I’ve seen plans for them at the vendors, too.

I switched to the rollerball of death from the firefly, and I’m enjoying it much more. I found it hard to get the 'fly to target armored bosses in the heat of battle, which limited the utility. The seeker mine is much easier to use.


In between new puppy crises, I’ve gotten to level 3! The game disconnected me once, and hard locked once, though. Gotta check all the settings, etc.


First crash while looting a loot box near the end of a mission.

This game is not ready yet.


Well this has been an outstanding experience so far - game looks amazing, performance is even better than in beta and I haven’t had a single audio glitch so far.

Also, LMGs are the best thing since sliced bread.


My performance in the game today got worse as time went on. Don’t know if it was due to an increase in people as the day went on or my PC just having difficulty churning through it. I eventually had to hard crash it myself because it got locked in an inventory screen and just kept loading forever.

I’m DantesWitness if anyone wants to team up.


From the pagefile discussion up above, degrading performance eventually resulting in a crash also sounds like a memory leak. When the game starts running poorly, I’d try restarting it and seeing if it helps.


Only been playing a few hours and done some random things, but no bugs encountered so far on Xbox One. I figured they’d resolve the weird sound bug I was seeing in the closed beta, but I was a little bit worried they wouldn’t. I don’t like the character creation options as much as the first game, but I can deal with it.


I’m getting very bad framerate drops on the ps4, fairly frequently.


Glitches notwithstanding, the city looks pretty amazing, and the gameplay is solid. Lots of very busy bits though, between the detailed environments, the inventory/character screens, etc., and the aesthetic choices they’ve made in terms of how the colors shift during screen/interface transitions. And yeah, the whole set up and political context is still whackadoodle. But the pew pew is good.


Downloading now. I had to google how to buy it. The Ubisoft Launcher says it is available but then does not link to anything. You have to buy through the Ubisoft website which then successfully linked it to the launcher but it seems kinda convoluted.

All this to bypass the EPIC store, which I do not want to use for Fortnite addicted step-kids reasons.


I was able to buy it through Uplay.