The Division 2 - Make Washington D.C. Great Again


It’s definitely one where you back up a lot, always forcing them to come to you. But… it’s rough. Don’t be afraid to look for other agents on that one. Also, later, the UN General Assembly. Ooof… that last bit was tough!


Is there a way to put nickname of friends (or even myself), so I know who’s who here?


Click friend name, set nickname.


Duh… my brain melt away after playing Division 2, is why?
No, maybe I got the Dollar flu…
Either way, Thanks!

What’s your nick @lordkosc


I go by Bob.



About five hours into this now. Very cool; I’m playing solo and I have died once, largely because I am a klutz with 3rd person cover shooters. But the game overall is an upgrade over the the first, for sure, and I liked that one pretty much.


I’m two hours in. My initial impression is that DC is not as pretty as snow covered NYC but after settling down a bit, I like all the greenery as well. It’s just different. I really enjoy having more variety of tools and the drones are awesome! Saved my skin tons of times. There’s also more things to do. But, sigh, my one regret is I’m still playing at 1080p due to the 1060GTX. So far, DX12 is stable for me but I have to play at High Settings. I’m thinking of going to the extremes of saving this game for 1080Ti to fully enjoy it in UltraWide screen.

Oh ya, my current UltraWide supports some sort of HDR10, and this game is super bright and vivid. I’m not used to it.


LK commented on the fact during Tom’s stream that you can, in fact, play the Division 1 Solo. is it super hard?? I have the game probably bought on some goofy holiday steam sale… I wouldn’t mind shooting my fellow new Yorkers if it can be played solo.


It can be difficult, but if you are patient and careful (i.e. not rushing in John Woo style), you can survive. It’s about taking cover, luring enemies, ensuring you have medikit and also some other arsenals such as turret to help.

It may sound like a lot of chores, but it’s not as it is a matter of pressing Q (to drop a medikit station) and E to throw a turret down.

In Division 2, I just tried a new way to play which is firing flare (F) to call for some help and NPC bots from a nearby Settlement will come to your aid. It’s quite fun that way.


Are the friendly bots better? In D1 they are barely able to kill.


Hab I am loading Division 1 up now and plan on trying. So cover, kiting, and some health kits. What could go wrong?


They’re much more effective. They don’t tend to be as well armed as the bad guys, but they definitely do damage. I’ve even seen them drop veterans, when I’m busy with others.


I guess so. I just finished one defend mission. I am currently Level 3 and pretty weak and we were up against two purple and one yellow Elite “boss”… once we defeated the boss, another Elite “boss” appear. I died this second time and once I respawn in the same location, the Elite boss has like 10% more life and before I could hit him, the NPC got him. I’d say they saved my skin!


Plenty! Have fun!
And enjoy the scenery and story. It’s quite rivetting.


I lived in Manhattan in the upper west side for two years. I hope I get to see some scenery and shoot stuff around where I knew things were. For example I bought a bed on 72nd street and Broadway, I hope there are bad guys there.


Yeah, it’s Division 2.0, but the difference between this and Anthem is night and day. Wow.


Also for people like ME who are gonna solo it as much as possible.


And the difference being better or worse? Woolen … be more specific.


I was typing the same question when I saw your post. I guess his “Wow” means Division is better, maybe?


Anthem is in about the same shape The Division 1 was at launch, which was fairly awful. At that point, TD had a beautiful world, great gameplay, but little content and absolute garbage gear progression at the level cap. But Massive fixed everything, eventually turning TD1 into a real gem.

TD2 is a further iteration of where they left off in TD1. It’s in very good shape. It doesn’t have the same amount of content TD1 does, but their pipeline looks pretty aggressive. TD2 is damn good already.

I like the style of Anthem better. Playing a Space Mage or flying M1 Abrams is pretty awesome. But they lack content, and endgame gear progression is awful. They’re actively working on it, so there’s reason to hope they can fix everything.