The Division 2 - Make Washington D.C. Great Again


Plenty! Have fun!
And enjoy the scenery and story. It’s quite rivetting.


I lived in Manhattan in the upper west side for two years. I hope I get to see some scenery and shoot stuff around where I knew things were. For example I bought a bed on 72nd street and Broadway, I hope there are bad guys there.


Yeah, it’s Division 2.0, but the difference between this and Anthem is night and day. Wow.


Also for people like ME who are gonna solo it as much as possible.


And the difference being better or worse? Woolen … be more specific.


I was typing the same question when I saw your post. I guess his “Wow” means Division is better, maybe?


Anthem is in about the same shape The Division 1 was at launch, which was fairly awful. At that point, TD had a beautiful world, great gameplay, but little content and absolute garbage gear progression at the level cap. But Massive fixed everything, eventually turning TD1 into a real gem.

TD2 is a further iteration of where they left off in TD1. It’s in very good shape. It doesn’t have the same amount of content TD1 does, but their pipeline looks pretty aggressive. TD2 is damn good already.

I like the style of Anthem better. Playing a Space Mage or flying M1 Abrams is pretty awesome. But they lack content, and endgame gear progression is awful. They’re actively working on it, so there’s reason to hope they can fix everything.


So the “Butcher,” the Meatwagon bounty and final boss for the first newbie zone can spawn in random locations.

Including inside a building you cannot get into.

Great Job, Ubisoft.


There doesn’t seem to be an easy way to quit the game, is there? I have to press G to logout, which take me to a loading screen which I have to wait like 1-2 minutes for it to load till 100% and then I am in the main screen with the character. From there, it’s a F to logout and confirm. I like how they do it in Division 1.


So after 15+ crashes today, it seems that DX12 on nVidia is a no-go.

DX11 seems stable.


It’s actually quite challenging. AI is pretty aggressive and they will actively try to flank you and surround you if you’re solo. Even at level 8 or 9 that I am now and even level gear I can die quite fast to level 8 enemies if I’m not careful.

I really recommend you dedicate at least one of your skill slots to an armor regenerating skill.






/quit via chat window.

*I r slow at googles.


That’s handy. Now all we need is a way to skip the interminable (and incredibly loud) splash screens.


How does playing with friends work when you are at different levels? In the first one it was unplayable since the enemies were at the level of the host, but do they scale properly in this one?


It scales everyone up to just below the highest character. Damage output seems to scale pretty well, but the lower characters seem noticeably squishier so will need to play a bit more carefully.


Xbox clan is up and running with 8 players or so at the moment. Clan lvl 2


If you’re on PC I’m in a clan with room for a few more. The clan requirements to level up are pretty high, so you basically need to join a huge clan to ‘get anywhere’.


We also have a Qt3 clan for PC players. Definitely not a huge clan, though. More like a friends list, but that’s probably already in the game.