The Division 2 - Make Washington D.C. Great Again


I imagine it will be fully as playable solo as the first one was.


That’s too bad. Guess I’ll pass. That’s okay, not interested in a DC setting anyway.


That’s fair, I understand a lot of people found playing the first game solo to be a pretty frustrating experience. Looks like I’ll be finding out firsthand how the sequel plays since I don’t think my friends are buying.


I am interested to buy but yeah, hope they made solo playing easier. I don’t want to die so often.


Solo wasn’t really an issue in the first game, as I played the Xbox version solo without any major issues (while I played the PC version with friends). And the matchmaking for the campaign missions was great too if you didn’t want to play solo.


Some quite detailed impressions. Lower ttk compared to Division 1… ‘floaty’ movement?

Setting reminds me of Crysis 2 and 3.


Pre-order price is $42 on the Epic Store. Is that right? $60 on Uplay.


Must be regional , $60 here in USA.


Unless NY seceded overnight, I’m in the US…


$59.99 here in Missouri as well, for the standard edition on Epic Store.


Hmm. “We’ve autodetected your country as India.”


Are you trying to purchase it from Jackson Heights?


Little more info about the beta:


Has anyone heard if they’re in the beta yet?


You mean besides folk that preordered?


Yeah. People like me who might base a pre-order on some experience.


You’ll be notified you got in as space permits, apparently.


Received my pre-load email for the beta, I assume folks who signed up for the beta should be hearing soon if they got in or not.


Me, too!

One of the best things about The Division was that parts of the map were accurate. Having lived in NYC, it was cool to see buildings I knew in the game. One boss spawned right in front of my old office.

I also lived in DC for 9 years, including some time in what is now The Dark Zone near Union Station. I’m hoping for a similar experience :)

I also suspect it’ll be a damn good game in any case. Can’t wait!


Holy crap, beta download on Xbox One is 42.46 GB!