The Division 2 - Make Washington D.C. Great Again


It happened to me once or twice, but then I started figuring out where adds would inevitably spawn from, and stayed away from that area. (ie. at a CP with a single building, the adds inevitably will come out of monster closets inside that building).

Now the only time I get caught out like that, is when I accidentally pull in adds who are walking by.



I don’t know why, but I love this (as opposed to HA HA FUCK YOU MONSTAR CLOSETS).

It triggers that “more blood for the blood god!” love of out-of-control chaos with bullets and shit flying
just like every which way

Plus, if you’re being Tacticool and stuff, you clean up the roaming mobs around a mission point before triggering the mission.



I’ve noticed that new enemies will show up on your radar before jumping out of the monster closet. You only get a couple of seconds’ warning, but it’s enough to let you know where to run to get away.



Yes, and it usually gives you enough time to reposition yourself and start scanning for them.



I don’t know if they changed design philosophy in TD2, but in TD1, the monster closet is signposted by a doorway: they come through the door! So if you don’t want monsters to spawn right next to you, don’t camp near a door.



They still come through doors. But like 99% of closed doors in the game are non-interactive, so your brain treats them like walls and ignores them. Then dudes start piling out of the one right behind you.



I had a fight last night that felt kind of cheap. After clearing out a couple of checkpoints, I got a notification that I was able to track down a bounty. So off I go looking to bring some dude named “Meatwagon” to justice. As I’m working my way towards him and clearing some trash along the way, all of a sudden another named spawns behind me named “Butcher”. So I get sandwiched in between a named and a bunch of trash that I just aggroed and promptly get dead. I was not amused.

Edit: Haha, nevermind. Turns out the guy I was after all along was Butcher. Very tricksy, Tom Clancy, spawning the boss behind me as I’m working towards the waypoint!



Ouch that’s nasty, thanks for the head’s up.



I find the biggest threat to me are those heavily-armored dues with the sledgehammers, or those suicide bombers that run up to you and explode. The explosion wipes out your armor, knocks you out of cover, and stuns you for a second or two, which is a lethal combination.

I’ve switched to the M4 SOCOM rifle. It only does about 9K damage per shot, but I get 25 rounds in the magazine and rapid semi-fire. The slower-firing marksmen rifles that do tons more damage fire a lot more slowly, and if you miss a shot against those suicide chargers, things get really hairy fast.



When you know that taking the XP boost perks will accelerate the already fast game, but the min/maxer in you can’t help but take the XP boost perks.



Wait until they start sending the drones at you that also do this. They’re quieter and harder to shoot.



I find the explosive RC cars simultaneously piss me off and crack me up. They’re so cute! But they blow me up.



Those drones are relatively easy; it’s the ones with saw blades and are designed to run you over like a lawn mower that are nastier.



Fantastic game to play so far though im only at level 15ish so im a long way of any of the good stuff. My biggest complaint is that if I only have 1 character rolled and I start the game JUST GO STRAIGHT TO THE GAME ALREADY.



Explosive drones/cars don’t usually kill you, they put you out of cover, or on fire. And that may kill you. Or if you was already on trouble, they can finish you.

Tier 3 captures points is hard has nails, haha… mostly because the poor civilian dies, and sometimes because the enemies pour from many angles and get everywhere



The trick I have heard for that is to complete the takeover, then call for nearby allies. That way, the civilians only arrive for the (generally easier) defense phase.



If there was an option to buy more stash space I’d be all over it. Once you get to the point where you’re trying to put different loadouts together and have to keep items for stat/perk transfer for backup your stash fills amazingly fast.



Must be a post-30 thing, as (at level 24) I have…nothing in my stash except some weird shotgun I got for some sort of reward, which is level 1 but supposedly can be upgraded at some point. Beyond that, nada. If you could put crafting items in there, that might help, because there’s nothing useful at all to craft pre-30 apparently.



Everything I read says crafting is useless at the high end because it is capped below what drops in your tier (i.e. WT4 drops 450 gear but crafted is only 410-440). You also can’t use crafted gear for recalibration, so…



I just had the best one. I was capturing a WT3 control point. After the first wave boss died, I moved to the into main / central area, as one does, because the second wave comes from behind. During the intro campaign there was a minigun there, but it’s gone now.

Anyway, the second wave shows up and I kill them and clear the control point. Five seconds later an enemy supply convoy spawns on top of me. They came through no door, as there wasn’t one. I was just suddenly surrounded by four Hyenas shooting me. Cool.

Since I had just captured the control point I was able to spawn 10’ away from where I died and clean them up. Still. Awesome.