The Division 2 - Make Washington D.C. Great Again


Ah I forgot to mention, I’m on PC. Too bad :(


Man, I must really suck at this game. 4d played (almost 100 hours lol) and only L18. I just really like wandering around and doing whatever, I really need to focus. There’s just a joy in walking around in this world and shooting stuff. I do spend too much time in inventory management, but I’ve got a system now and it goes much faster.


Doesn’t seem like you suck, sounds like you’re winning to me.


Haha, I suppose so. I’m beginning to get worried I won’t make L30 before moving on, though, so I really do need to focus. I love virtual tourism games like this – got to get back to AC:Origins, AC:Odyssey, and Wildlands soon too. I’m thinking Ubisoft might have its hooks in me! I also want to pick up Division 1 if it’ll ever go on sale again.


I mean, at L30 you’ll just be doing similar things to what you’re doing now, for the most part! Just with bigger numbers. :) You’re playing the game right, IMO. It ain’t the destination, it’s the journey!

I can appreciate the setting but I wish I could get more enjoyment out of exploration and smelling the roses along the way. Unfortunately, my brain just isn’t wired that way and I get sucked in to coming up with builds and gear combinations, which means a sprint to max level to start putting it all together.


I’m at 30 hours and only Level 20. I play around 30 minutes a day, so I’m taking my own sweet time too. But I do match make with Randoms to help me with missions as I didn’t want to end up trying a mission multiple times on solo. So, I guess we all play our own styles.


Still zero mention of broken VOIP :(


I’ll be interested to see what those “other sources” end up being for GS 515 gear, outside the Dark Zones. I’d assume the raid will be one of them.



WT5 baby! - I hadn’t realised that armour sets were a thing until I got two green drops when getting through the tidal basin. Are the drops for the rest difficult to get?


There are Weekly missions in particular where you have guaranteed drops. Other than that, you just need to keep farming Invasion missions for random drops. They can only be found from Black Tusk.


Greens are garbage right now, though. I have a bunch sitting, unused, in my stash.


Yea, the armor sets are all terrible from my understanding so haven’t bothered with them.

As soon as we get a webAPI and a “Division Iten Manager” web-site I can sort out some good builds and link them.


Found this in Bolivia, wonder if I get something for it in Washington.


Sucks to be you, kid…

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Update 3 news:


I’m sure it’s cool, but there’s no matchmaking for the raid, which seems like a bad decision.

Post-patch I’ve been getting Delta-3 disconnected with some regularity.


Aw man really, they’re doing the Destiny thing? Guess I won’t be playing his raid either.


No matchmaking? Count me out.