The Division 2 - Make Washington D.C. Great Again

What gun were you pairing with the LMG? Again, at level 22, i use a marksman rifle with 11.5K because I like picking off as many reds with one shot head kills from distance as I can to make things easier, but I am thinking my assault rifle is just not the right second gun. I just picked up an LMG that is Superior that’s 2.1K/500 but the key I think is the 100 magazine.

BTW - looking at the stats for that LMG, it has under talents something about weapon damage is increased by 3% for every blah blah blah (Optimist) but it says REQUIRES something with a red circle “5 or Less” and it shows me with 7/5 so that’s redded out - what is that talking about?

Im confident that I was using an assault rifle of some description.

I’ll let someone smarter than me tell you about the talent stuff because its opaque to me as well so I just ignored it.

Your gear has too many offensive bonuses. (red circles)

Gear has red, blue or yellow bonuses that get tallied up and shown under your character portrait. Some talents have requirements like “5 or more red” or “4 or fewer yellow.”

I’m WT3 about to hit 4 and I’ve soloed throughout. My main loadout during campaign up to 30 was a marksman rifle for sniping and an LMG for short/medium range. My usual skills are healing chem launcher and regular turret. Use the turret to draw aggro and deal damage and drop the heal chem with a double tap.

Also, learn to move around a lot. Sometimes you can funnel people through specific choke points, but outside of those, staying in one place is usually a bad idea. Most mission skirmishes are in big environments for a reason. Run to a new cover point, throw grenades, shoot red things, etc.

And if you’re playing co-op, then one of you should have the purple chem launcher. As @lordkosc said, the purple gas quite literally chews through enemy armor. A direct hit on a yellow Elite will peel through his armor really fast and let you lay into him with either marksman shots in weak points or with the LMG.

Solo, I prefer the healing chem because it has three instant drops with a low cooldown compared to healing drone or hive. I can also see purple chem and revive hive as a solo build.

If you’re determined to solo everything, then you need gadgets for survivability, and crowd control. Flame turret is only useful for choke points. I’d recommend a regular assault turret for most solo play, as it can suppress enemies, and essentially gives them a second attack vector to account for, so you can flank enemies. You’re not using the turret for it’s actual damage output - you’re using it to draw attention.

The heal chem launcher is a must for solo play - double tap the shoulder button it’s equipped to, to drop yourself a heal over time. The revive hive is also good for solo play, as it automatically deploys on you if you get downed. The Firefly, Shield, Drone, Pulse and Seeker Mine, are all pretty bad right now, in terms of relative usefulness compared to the chem launcher and turret. Virtually every end game player runs some combination of Heal Chem/Revive Hive/Flame Turret right now for a reason.

Lastly, a marksman rifle should NOT be your primary weapon if you’re solo. Especially one with an actual scope on it. You’re just asking for enemies to run up on you, which is probably why you’re finding it difficult. An SMG, AR, or LMG should be your primary gun - SMGs are good for short range, LMGs are good for spraying lots of bullets with less accuracy, and ARs are good for just about everything, which is why most people use them. Marksman rifles should just be for picking off the guys your primary weapon can’t efficiently dispatch.

If you like semi-auto weapons with range, consider trying a regular rifle too, although I hate them.

Find defensible positions and beeline for them, then prioritize flankers so you don’t get surrounded. Always manually destroy your turret after an encounter is over if it still has time left (hold the shoulder button down for a few seconds), as it will greatly reduce to cooldown to redeploy it. Prioritize attack stats on gear over virtually anything else.

And I know someone already asked you about this, but - matchmake. Having other people present to draw fire will allow you to snipe to your hearts content, and 99% of the groups I’ve been in never say a word over comms. The four of you just silently shoot stuff, then go your separate ways.

Jeff what does your gear look like? at 20 you should be in just about all purple with a couple blue pieces to round stuff out.

Gun wise you should keep the marksman as a 3rd backup weapon and really switch to assault rifle/ lmg combo or assault /smg. You really want to be putting rounds down range because even if you miss most of your shots you can suppress the enemy from running around.

To get better gear you should be doing the control points on all the maps you’re done with and at least once a day fast travel to each of them and open all the loot boxes, The control points don’t reset until after you finish the main story. Also go underground into the sewers for gear and keys. You can look for specific talents on your gear but it doesn’t matter as much because you should be switching to better stuff all the time. definitely hold on to anything with damage to elites

Also make sure all your guns are modded and you have all the SHD points you can have at 20. The white house map has 4 hidden ones and the campus map has a computer in the back that will unlock the shade stashes. Your perks should be close to maxed out except for the 30 perks

skill wise the revive hive and healing gun are best for solo play and duos, that way your not running out to try and revive someone while everyone is shooting at you.

All good advice and much more helpful than what I’ve found on the game sites, thanks.

First question: Last night my brother and I did the Federal Bunker together. He’s lvl 23 now and I’m up to 24. I got rid of my assault rifle (he and I love assault rifles) and I used my marksman rifle with a clip of 8 and damage of 15K. I replaced my assault rifle with an LMG with a clip of 120, don’t remember the damage but pretty decent (Purple and level 23 or 24.) It saved my butt several times when I was getting rushed because with that clip I could just point and hold the trigger down and it would take out two or three pretty easily without the pause to reload that was killing me with the assault rifle.

So on the weapons loadout: I’ve used the 15K (level 24) sniper rifle because I can pick everyone off with one or two shots, I’ve gotten good at headshotting even if they’re running, so I take out the reds pretty quickly. I’m trying to stay at range. My thought is if I can kill with a shot or two, that saves ammo and is quick. I am using the LMG for when anyone closes on me. Is an Assault Rifle/LMG really a better combo?

Skills: I’ve got all the skills unlocked, the categories, at level 24. Together last night I was using the sniper turret and the healing drone while my brother was using the assault turret and the attack drone, and we were saving them for later waves when we needed them. My dilemma on the turrets: The sniper turret can target and hit the big guys HARD, while the assault turret seems more like harassment at this level, the damage is so low (I hate that you can’t find higher level Skill equipment.) Is the chemical gun or the healing hive better than the healing drone? I also LOVE the cluster mines, but I know I’ll have to give up a slot I use for them for the healing.The Flame Turret seems to have pretty short range?

Great point on the control points, never thought of that. My 15k marksman rifle was acquired via the crafting table. It seems like every time I open a gun case, excited to have found it, I end up with another shotgun or LMG lower stats than what I have (while I frequently find better armor, not sure why they’re so stingy with weapons.)

The MM rifle is fine as a secondary weapon, but shouldn’t be your primary if you’re playing solo. Even if you can one-shot red bars, it still takes too long, and is terrible for crowd control.

The damage numbers on the weapons at your level, doesn’t matter THAT much, and is misleading anyway, as it doesn’t take into account rate of fire or clip size in determining DPS. It’s literally just “each bullet does this much damage”.

All of the healing options in the game work fine, but the heal chem launcher recharges way faster, and allows you to deploy it only in the moments you need it (as opposed to a drone, which’ll heal you up, then just floats around keeping you topped up for a little while, then goes away for a long time). With the chem launcher, you’ll just about always have a heal available when you need it, and depending on mods, you could have 3-4 of them available.

LMG with a MM secondary is a fine loadout, though virtually everyone in the end-game is using an AR right now as their primary, because of how good they are when spec’d out properly, and coupled with good gear traits. Before end-game, pretty much any weapon is fine, because enemies are a lot easier to take down.

Ammo conservation is overrated at lower difficulties, unless you’re constantly spraying bullets inaccurately, or in futility at enemies behind cover. Ammo boxes are all over the plate, as are drops from enemies. Honestly, except for Heroic difficulty, ammo is still almost never an issue for me.

Interesting. First, great advice on the healing chem launcher, I’ll equip that right away.

I’ll try using an AR/LMG loadout for a while. I’m really spoiled with the MM because when i enter a room and someone is using a sniper rilfe on me or some kind of massive auto fire, I can take them out with one or two shots with my MM. I’ll have to play around and see how it feels with a good AR to go with my LMG (gotta find one again, I deconstructed or sold all of mine!)

Counter POV: The first time I used the sniper turret, my reaction was “five shots? That’s it?” followed by “wait, it takes how long to cool down?”

In groups, it works for taking out big guys fast, but for solo, I like how the assault turret is constantly harassing guys until it either gets taken out, manually dismantled or runs out. It seems pretty dinky, but it regularly takes out red and purple guys and either greatly weakens or takes out a couple of yellows for me nowadays. Sustained fire and drawing aggro helps me when soloing versus targeting five dudes.

You can definitely keep using a MM rifle if you like it, don’t get me wrong. I have a Covert SRS as one of my two secondary weapons I like to use (the other is the Chatterbox exotic SMG, mostly for the passives it gives my AR). I like having one available, mostly for taking out distant snipers and whatnot.

I just don’t recommend one as a primary weapon, as it’s not something I’d ever use just for primary damage dealing due to its’ drawbacks.

The benefit of the assault turret is the harassment, more than anything else. I actually usually use the flame turret myself, but I also typically run missions in matchmade groups.

When I’m solo, the AT is much more useful. Sure it might take out a guy or two, if you’re softening them up, but the advantage is that it functions like another player for the AI to account for, and can suppress them behind cover.

The sniper turret is interesting, but I haven’t really figured out a solid everyday use for it in any scenario.

This is all great stuff, and I’m copying and pasting to my brother (I need to just get him to register here. Today I had about an hour or so free so I switched from my MM to an AR (I had two, on with a bit higher DAM and a bit lower RPM, so I went down to the shooting range, modded them the same and tested - the difference was pretty remarkable, the one with 2,3KDAM/750 ROM did an average with the mods I had on it of about 50K DPS, the 2.1K/850 did an average of about 30K DPS. I would not have predicted that. I find the shooting range to be very helpful figuring out which gun is more effective as well as which mods.) I also equipped the assault turret and the chem launcher healer. Solo.

Walked from the White House to a friendly control point because there always seems to be a battle going on there. The AR was effective but it took longer to, e.g., take out a purple with what must have been an LMG than it would have with the MM. But I can see if you have a lot of people around you and you’re having to move a lot why the AR is more effective. My style when possible is find a good spot, kill as many as I can, then move when I have to. I’ll do a side mission solo next with this loadout. I so wish I had a third weapon slot other than the handgun (which I never use.)

Yeah the sniper turret packs a punch but the cooldown is a long time. So I’m going to go back to the assault turret. The game changer, though, is that chem launcher healing skill - it’s like having almost unlimited healing. Haven’t tried it with my brother to see how hard it is to aim and get near him, but the ability to just double tap and get healing with extremely low cool down is great.

I went vanilla and eventually owned PvE. Accuracy enhanced AR + mix-and-match rifle… not marksman rifle. Steady, punishing fire on mobs was more important to me that high-risk, high-reward marksman rifles. LMGs can be useful in some missions where you just don’t got time to reload; accuracy + reload speed mods a must.

And vanilla on skills, too: shooty turret as a distraction/flank cover, shooty drone to get those annoying gits who refuse to move out of cover (heavy use of retargeting is a must for the shooty drone to get the most out of it).

Wearing a piece of +skill active & +skill cooldown helps, too.

And I love the crossbow. It’s great for whittling down or even 1-shotting annoying yellows

Crossbow is great, but if I haven’t missed something, the grenade launcher is still the best for bursting down single targets or groups with?

Currently trying to get my sniper to 160. Hadn’t played for 2 weeks, turned out there was some event now… dont think i’ll manage to complete it within the time limit, so rip. The curse of full inventory.

Division 2 needs a “season” system like Diablo so I can either start with a empty inventory or get extra stash space as I play… to think I paid extra for ‘more inventory’ only for it to be a rip-off by letting you ‘access’ increased inventory earlier.

I’m not going to waste special ammo on lesser mobs. I give them, as a certain Jimi sang about, the gun. And I found the grenades… disappointing against elites.

Sometimes, you really really just need a yellow to shut the hell up, and that’s what the crossbow’s good for.

There’s a crossbow?

Hit level 26. Experimented a lot on the gun range. For this level my assault rifle can do some nice damage, the assault turret does indeed keep people busy/harassed so I can shoot them, and for a second weapon I’m finding the lmg does nicely when people close in just by being able to aim and hold the trigger down nonstop for 100 rounds. I finished off a side mission today solo and it was challenging but very doable and I completed it without dying. I got hit by some flames but the chem launcher healer took care of that quite nicely. I’m better at moving around than I was. I find myself dying now mainly due to my lack of paying attention or dumb bravado.

Crossbow is a level 30 thing.

There’s a whole other aspect of the game you don’t even unlock until you hit level 30 and finish all of the strongholds, and that’s specializations - they are basically three new “tech trees”, tied to a specific special weapon you carry in addition to your other stuff. The crossbow is one of them.

That’s not even to mention the five “World Tiers” you unlock, as your gear switches from simple “levels” to a gear score number. You’re not even close to done yet.