The Division 2 - Make Washington D.C. Great Again


Ghost Recon Wildlands endgame is pretty much one shot one kill (Tier 1), but the loot chase is not very deep. As I said, it would be a triumph in design if they can mix in e.g. Rainbow 6 Siege gunplay with a deep loot chase and gear/skill build meta game. I don’t know how to get there but I want it.


The only way I see this working is exactly the way Wildlands already does it - damage multiplier for shots from stealth.


I didn’t get to dive into the open beta as deeply as some of you here, but what I saw was enough to confirm my purchase.

I agree that New York City in the middle of winter with Holiday decorations up everywhere was certainly a more singular and awe-inspiring aesthetic presentation. That said, DC in the Summer provides a nice contrast and I liked how colorful and bright the game was. Division 1 was frequently dark and gloomy and DC is so vivid…even the cool green mist floating up from paint cans(?) adds a nice touch.

The mechanics of movement and shooting feel like an iteration on Division 1, but that is fine since 1 was solid enough for a looter shooter. Bullet spongeyness is a little jarring initially in the realistic setting but eventually I get into a gameplay flow and kind of accept that aspect.

I really enjoy realism-leaning modern military settings despite finding the inherent/implied power fantasy gross…and that last part is especially true with the Division and its worshipping of tacticool “Sons of the Constitution” brand fascism. I can overlook that to enjoy the mechanics and well-realized world however.


The green mist is kind of goofy to me. I guess it’s supposed to be remnants of the weaponized plague in the paint cans, sort of like how the ink in money was tainted in the first game? I dunno. The green mist just looks very videogamey.


One thing I noticed from the open beta that I didn’t noticed in the closed beta was that some of the enemies who charge you and try to melee attack you, first take a buff. It looks like it may be an inhaler or some kind of spray like in Fury Road, I only ever just glimpsed it. But I thought it looked like a green gas kind of like what you see on the streets occasioanlly. But that doesn’t really make sense either.


I played enough of the beta to see if it runs ok (it does) and if the shooting feels a bit better (yes!). So I think I’m in on this one.

Messed around with Division 1 last week/end. Got in there with three friends and we had a blast.

To echo what people were saying upthread about the setting, I had forgotten how well they nail NYC. Not just the landmarks either, but just like random buildings. As a New Yorker it was fun to show my pals where the first shake shack is, and some random building in Kips Bay where I would wait for a friend to meet up for lunch.

The cleaners would definitely be a thing if the city ever met the apocalypse. That group is probably the most New York thing in a very New York game. The accents are terrible parody though, but in the LOL sense.


For me, it works in reverse. I could see myself walking down a street in Manhattan and going “Oh yeah, this is where the Bullet King always spawns! Great intersection.” Manhattan will always be the land of viral outbreaks and Ghostbusters for me.


How many are intending to pick up for the XBox? Total Division (and, if I’m being honest, shooter) novice here and may want to dip my toes into co-op/PvP. I’m really bummed this game didn’t hit my radar until today as I just missed being able to pick up Division 1 on sale last week – I remember skipping it to buy some of the Assassin’s Creeds I was missing – ARGH!


I’ll be there release day for Xbox.


Already got the super duper ultimate supremo edition digitally pre-ordered for my Xbox One X. I was super-hooked on the original Division for a while, until the early shoddy endgame content failed to keep my attention (that first flashpoint mission was a crime in mission design), so a sequel that learns from the failings of that game was an insta-buy from me.

I think the setting is less aesthetically interesting than Manhattan was, but it’s not like it looks bad or anything.

Oh, did anyone find that intro cinematic in the beta EXTREMELY cringeworthy? I liked the Division 1 thing, where they were more ambiguous about the ethics behind the very existence of “The Division” as an agency, whereas the Division 2 is just “they iz the heroes. they iz the lite in the darkness.” or whatever. It’s okay to have protagonists who aren’t paragons of virtue, Ubi.


In my version The Division are all British and we are taking this country back.


Oh no, will we be part of Brexit too? Amexit?


First we take Manhattan then we take Berlin.


Hahahaha! The thread title is even better with this official marketing bit:


But always remember - their games aren’t political.


That’s some sweet, sweet, hamfisted 9th grader edgelord writing right there.


Ubisoft revealed a ton of great information about the different character progression systems at play, and all of the End Game content they’re planning. Nicely summarized in this handy PDF:

More info on their official Reddit post here too:

And their Twitch archive from where they talked about this stuff this morning too:


I think I’m going to jump into TD2 on launch and hopefully play some with you fine Qt3 folk. I haven’t played any TD1, however – will I be lost story-wise? Tempted to grab it and play through the story this week but I missed the Ubisoft XBO sale last week. May just grab it regardless.


Grab TD 1 and play the story. It is a terrific game now. You also have time to earn some cosmetics for 2.


That’s a decent endgame. I think I might be in for this at launch.