The Division 2 - Make Washington D.C. Great Again


I never touched PvP, personally. There’s an achievement for killing your first rogue agent in the DZ - I don’t have that achievement.


I only recently played number 1 recently due to the Humble Monthly and you should really play it, even just to experience the great job they did on Winter Manhattan. I soloed through the entire PvE experience but didn’t really enjoy the PvP. However, it’s still well worth it and by the time you’re finished, the second game may be on sale.


I played Division 1 a bit at launch and it was okay. Not great, but okay for a few hours of solo messing around. Much later, I dived back in and it was greatly improved, even without the extra optional content.

$9 is a great deal.


It is, but it would be $9 toward the new game. I just wish I knew more about what the differences will be.


What are you thoughts on playing this entirely for the Single Player portion of the game? Does it hold up as an entirely playable experience or is skipping the Multiplayer missing out on a lot?


You can easily skip multiplayer and get a full-fat complete experience.

You don’t need to enter the PVP Dark Zone at all if you don’t want and you don’t need to group with anyone for the campaign or PVE missions. Solo play is a very viable option and one that I enjoyed myself.


Can definitely play the entire game solo and never once step into the Dark Zone PvP area. Having said that, co-op is still better than solo as having a partner with a different set of skills and the ability to resurrect you sure is a big boon. But not necessary at all. In fact, you can call for help if you’re KO’ed and a nearby pubbie might come to your aid. :)

Edit: Actually…I play co-op with my teenage son and sometimes I prefer to play alone because he’s too damn fast and rushes around from point A to B without stopping and smelling the roses! My solo time is def more casual and methodical (and relaxing, if that’s possible) and I get to finally catch up on inventory/base chores, hehe

But co-op firefights are far more fun and interesting, IMHO. Even so, you CAN do every mission solo but some are rather challenging without a partner.


If it’s like Division 1 you can play the entire story solo, and progress up to the top difficulty (world levels). The only things I couldn’t solo were incursions (Division’s version of Raids) and Legendary missions.


What version is everyone getting? I’m really torn here, logic dictates $60 for the standard as three days head start (I’m pretty busy so it won’t be a lot of playtime), seven day head start to narrative DLC, eh. But then it does have cool skins, emotes, etc. and – ooooo – stash space if I go all the way up to the $120 ultimate. =/ XBO here.


I went for the ultimate, because I’m a dumbass and impatient ;) Also, I loved TD1, and I expect to put in countless hours in the sequel.

So I start on the 10th. I’m Oghier on Uplay, too, if anyone wants to team up for the dakka dakka.

EDIT: It’s the 12th, not the 10th!


I went with standard for $52 from GMG. The extras offered in higher editions don’t really interest me and I barely can start a game on release so early access doesn’t appeal to me.

GMG already let me link my keys with Uplay for preloading which is awesome.

I almost went Xbox One route but PC feels more natural and default to me.


I thought early access was 3/12 (Tuesday) with normal access 3/15 (Friday)?


Oops… you’re right. The 12th!


I’m getting the standard edition. 3 days early access isn’t worth it and everything else is basically cosmetic.


Well, except for the extra stash space in the Ultimate, but I’ll just be better off not digitally hoarding.


Did anyone use the call for help feature that I read about being in The Division 2?

I never got around to trying the beta enough to learn about it / use it.

My main beef right now with Division 1 is I need help at times soloing stuff and its hard to find people unless they are specifically playing the same mission.


I answered it a few times and accidentally called a few times before I knew how it worked :)


Early launch opens in 9 hours for PST folks. Midnight local time in all regions.

Hope the queue is manageable. Would like to play a bit tonight.


Couldn’t quite bring myself to pull the trigger on the premium bundles, so I’m anxious to hear some impressions from you suckers. Uh, good folks, is what I meant to say.


Because I am nuts, I think I’m going to start playing when it kicks off in seven hours. Been a while since I had a true QT3 moment, but I may make it straight through to dawn.

As I expect to play this game a lot over the next year, I’d like to ask @Telefrog if he would consider changing the thread title. I’d prefer not to be reminded of Trump every time I come here to read or post.