The Division 2 - Make Washington D.C. Great Again


I’d go along with changing the thread title, but we’re going to need a better one. Throw something out there!

Like how about, Draining the Swamp! Oh wait, that’s no good. Wait I got it, Why’s Everything So Orange? Ha ha, I kill me.


Really hating Uplay. I pre-ordered the game just now, but I every time I hit the order button, it launched the web page with no hint of a successful order. So I tried again, and again.

Turns out, I ordered it three times.

I’ve already submitted my complaint/request for refund to support.

This isn’t rocket science, Ubi.


Actually that would make a pretty good thread title too.


I ran into this.

Ordered via launcher, never got a receipt or email. Logging into ubi store via the web showed no order history.

Finally found order history in the uplay launcher and it had my order listed. Its like the store fronts aren’t connected or massive system sync lag across the lot.

This was 30 min of troubleshooting.


Ok, I’m in for early play on the XBox! We going to have a Clan? If so, torn between here and Era (will come down to numbers and availability, I’m EDT, late-ish 10p to 1a).


Had to do the preorder Gold Edition. I JUST started playing D1 last night and after 4 hours started to get very addicted to it. I’d keep playing D1 for a few months but I’m always behind everyone else and kind of want to join in the fun right away. PS4


Someone talk me into or out of the game! I was very much not impressed with the Division 1 at release. Gameplay was good, but the loot, customization, etc? So so bad. I found it so bland I never bothered to fire it back up. That being said, I heard the game got much better. Can any Division 1 vets kind of give me a quick summary of how the game improved in the next 3 years?

The other thing holding me back right now is the fact that I’m playing Anthem and the gameplay there is so damn good. Flying around as various kinds of Iron Man is just too much fun, and it makes the more grounded (ha-ha! PUNS!!!) setting of Division 2 seem pretty bland in comparison. I think this is contributing to me remembering just how bland/boring I found the gear and customization in the release of the first one.

That being said, I know Anthem has its share of launch issues and I certainly wouldn’t mind letting it cook a bit. I also absolutely love looter type games, so Division 2 is otherwise squarely in my wheelhouse.

Any thoughts? Especially from those who played Division 1 recently and liked it? I’m really on the fence right now.


It sounds like they learned their lessons from D1 and are making good on them for D2.

Is there a pre-load available? Are people buying through UPlay or Epic? Does it matter?


While I loved the Division 1 that I played last year I would be hard pressed to articulate a strong recommendation for 2 in your case. I’m excited for Division 2 and have it preordered but the open beta had a feeling of Division 1.5. Which is great if one wants more of that, but less ideal if you bounced off 1…the sequel won’t be a revolutionary change.

You have to be really in the mood to lean into a semi-realistic loot shooter and I get the sense that the cover based shooting and well-crafted but realism-constrained loot tables will pale after your enjoyment of Anthem’s more exotic sci-fi flying and Iron Man combat.

I don’t know, others might have a good sales pitch lined up. I’m looking forward to the Division 2 but your post looks like you’re grudgingly trying to convince yourself.


TD1 was awful at release. The core gameplay was buggy, loot sucked and there wasn’t much content. Seven months later, the 1.4 patch hit. I put that on the level of Diablo 3 “Loot 2.0” or the revamped No Man’s Sky as amazing post-launch transformations. TD 1 became a very good game. Seriously, it’s an all-timer now. Great content, lots of it, great cover-shooter gameplay and endless possibilities for build-tinkering, min-maxy obsession.

I’m in TD2 now (VPN to pretend I’m in Japan). I also played the betas. As a fellow admirer of Anthem, I tell you this is in much better shape. They have iterated from TD1. Hop off the fence and down here into the murderpools of post-virus DC :)

Note, though, the UI sucks. It’s almost as bad as Anthem’s. This is just the burden PC players bear in a console port world ;)


I’ll have an xbox clan and anyone is welcome to join but feel free to make a QT3 one if you desire.

edit: I now have a clan up in Div2, clan tag HHR, name HHRazors. All are welcome and no hard feelings if you prefer another.


Anyone having any connection or launch issues? I tried to boot it up before work, just to get any patches/initialization out of the way, and it hung for a long time and then crashed. Didn’t have time to try again.


I just realized there’s a 50 GB update on day one. Oof. Oh well…


Thanks for your take on the Division! I wouldn’t describe it as grudgingly convincing myself, it’s more that I didn’t experience the way The Division improved after release. I loved the gameplay itself, the cover system, working through a mission, etc. But the gear was so bad which led to there really being no builds or customization to tinker around with once I hit max level. That’s where I got bored, but it’s also that area I hear they made significant strides post-release.

Nice, I think you pushed me over. I won’t be getting the 1% version, but I’ll probably pick it up this Friday!


X1 ultimate for $107 at Newegg

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I played through all of The Division campaign at launch and don’t particularly remember it being terrible, but still I was incredibly impressed with how they suooorted the game for years from there.


Ubisoft have had a phenomenal track record supporting games, even ones with poor launches. That is why I have no reservations preordering or buying Ubi games early.

Wish I could say the same for the other big publishing houses.


And let’s give some credit to Massive, who rolled out all the improvements and fixes over the years. I didn’t hate the game at launch either but it definitely improved big time.


So: PC - Who do we add to friends list. I am apparently ‘instant’ on uplay.


Pc uplay - kono1134