The Division 2 - Make Washington D.C. Great Again


In case we do get a chance to play together, hit me up. I’m belfong in Uplay.


I only had time to run through one mission with a random group, but it was fun. Runs great on my computer. It defaulted to Ultra and I dropped it down to high to keep the frames nice and high. Think it was running 90’s to 100’s and looks fantastic. My only complaint and I had it with the first one as well is that I find the menus and hud very confusing. I couldn’t even figure out how to leave the squad after the mission. :(

Octavious230 on Uplay if you want to squad up. Between this and Apex I should be covered for games for a bit. :)


Really loving this so far. I do miss the snowy NYC streets, but the increased wildlife/greenery/buzzing flies give DC its own atmosphere. It runs rock solid, I love the side missions, the emergent events, and the little hidden loot containers everywhere.

I’m Idlekeys on Uplay PC if anyone wants company.

Edit: I did an early side mission where I fought through a mix of interior rooms and outdoor balcony spaces and it was a blast. Best part was when the hyenas broke through a wall between sections to start a firefight.


Added everyone from UPlay so far. I’m RadleyBradley.

I’m terrible and very unreliable (baby in the house), but always happy to join up.


Shut up, guys. My copy doesn’t unlock 'til Friday.

I’m monofurioso on ubi.


Can someone explain how you leave a party once you’ve gone to help someone and you’ve helped them complete their quest?

I can’t see where the quit session or leave party button is on the PS4 version


The way this game is setup it’s probably perfect for you. So far the missions have been really quick and you can drop in and out without it being a big deal. I did a few missions with randos and had a blast. I’m totally loving this game so far in my first 5 hours.


Me too. Cathar_Boy on Ubi. I just could not see an extra forty bucks for three days or whatever of early access. Too rich for my blood.


If I had read it better I wouldn’t have gotten the upgraded version. Didn’t realize the dlc would be free. It’s 7 day early access plus some extra missions. Seems kind of pointless. Oh well


AMD rewarded me with the game…so there wasn’t much of a choice.
Now here’s the good news: it’s live now in Japan and Hong Kong. Any VPN will do. (I read somewhere that Ubisoft said somewhere it’s okay as long as you use a VPN all the time.)


Visually…Stunning? :)


Im sad, my usual group that i play games with either don’t like looter shooters or had such a bad time with the betas (and stuck on Anthem) that they are skipping it. I’m MiceWithMatches on UPlay


Just a little a heads-up for the impatient: This afternoon I downloaded Avira Phantom VPN, clicked on Hong Kong, started Uplay and…enjoying my Standard Edition ever since then. It works flawlessly and it took me one minute to get the VPN installed and started. (250 mb traffic so far; ping is around ~200).


DX12 is crashing a lot so not playing with it.

The biggest issues with the game right now are the damn crashes, and how ‘silent’ a lot of the game world is. Lots of areas have really ‘weird’ lighting also. It sounds great when it rains and thunder though.

(minor) They also should work on the sound engine when you’re for example, deep inside a tunnel underground and there are enemies shooting above-ground on a parking lot.

(minor) HDR mode in this game seems broken.


I’m having a lot of crashes, too, and I’m not sure why. Looking up one of the errors pointed me toward increasing my page file size. Another time it just crashed with no message.


If the page file size exploded I wonder if they have a nasty memory leak in there somewhere.


I’m almost certain they do. TD1 did the same thing to my machine.


I only have 5 hours so maybe not a great baseline, but I haven’t crashed once. I don’t have the latest and greatest video card drivers either. I tend to wait until something makes me want to update them.


There is a reproducible crash if someone else in your group uses any drone variant. Massive knows about it.


I haven’t had time to do any research, what version is best in life?

Regular , Gold , Ultimate?