The Division 2 - Make Washington D.C. Great Again


Glitches notwithstanding, the city looks pretty amazing, and the gameplay is solid. Lots of very busy bits though, between the detailed environments, the inventory/character screens, etc., and the aesthetic choices they’ve made in terms of how the colors shift during screen/interface transitions. And yeah, the whole set up and political context is still whackadoodle. But the pew pew is good.



Downloading now. I had to google how to buy it. The Ubisoft Launcher says it is available but then does not link to anything. You have to buy through the Ubisoft website which then successfully linked it to the launcher but it seems kinda convoluted.

All this to bypass the EPIC store, which I do not want to use for Fortnite addicted step-kids reasons.



I was able to buy it through Uplay.



I bought it through UPlay, too, although I also experienced the bit where there’s no confirmation you bought anything. It just opens a web page in their store, which has led some people to multiple purchases.

Uplay is pretty decent all around, but it’s not the very best storefront :)



I think if you use the version of Uplay that you get when you installed a game you bought via Steam, it doesn’t have the store capability built in. That’s the case in my installation; I had to go to the Ubi website to buy Div 2.



The game is an amazing visual upgrade over the first one. Not just on tech level but also the way they designed the individual mission locations and the color palette and most importantly, lighting. They really nailed that, especially during mid-day. I shouldn’t be surprised of course because Ubisoft usually nails lighting in their games but it’s always nice to see it done well.



My memory line in Task Manager is flat as a board, right up until the game crashes. I’ve gone two hours before a crash, ten minutes, and then three hours. I don’t think it’s memory.



I have been seriously considering this for Single Player, full immersion, story, but watching streamers on Twitch is such a turn off. They are so fast, on to the next mission, whats this loot, kill that guy, lets go here…no immersion…

Im thinking I might be making the wrong decision. Thoughts?



GMG is doing a Division 2 giveaway , 5 ways to enter , mostly using social media.



Totally possible to play solo and taking your own time. I’m enjoying my play through that way.



That is how I am playing it. It’s how I approach all of these games – solo through the story once, slowly, so I can stop and smell the roses (and then kill those roses, take their stuff and look for more). Once I hit endgame, it’s time to group up for more challenging content.

It’s working so far in TD2. Eventually, I may hit my Russian Consulate, a notoriously tough mission to solo in the first game, but this appears to be fairly solo-friendly. At least, through level 13 it is :)



Thats where I am now in D1 , and I fear it going solo.



It’s definitely one where you back up a lot, always forcing them to come to you. But… it’s rough. Don’t be afraid to look for other agents on that one. Also, later, the UN General Assembly. Ooof… that last bit was tough!



Is there a way to put nickname of friends (or even myself), so I know who’s who here?



Click friend name, set nickname.



Duh… my brain melt away after playing Division 2, is why?
No, maybe I got the Dollar flu…
Either way, Thanks!

What’s your nick @lordkosc



I go by Bob.




About five hours into this now. Very cool; I’m playing solo and I have died once, largely because I am a klutz with 3rd person cover shooters. But the game overall is an upgrade over the the first, for sure, and I liked that one pretty much.



I’m two hours in. My initial impression is that DC is not as pretty as snow covered NYC but after settling down a bit, I like all the greenery as well. It’s just different. I really enjoy having more variety of tools and the drones are awesome! Saved my skin tons of times. There’s also more things to do. But, sigh, my one regret is I’m still playing at 1080p due to the 1060GTX. So far, DX12 is stable for me but I have to play at High Settings. I’m thinking of going to the extremes of saving this game for 1080Ti to fully enjoy it in UltraWide screen.

Oh ya, my current UltraWide supports some sort of HDR10, and this game is super bright and vivid. I’m not used to it.



LK commented on the fact during Tom’s stream that you can, in fact, play the Division 1 Solo. is it super hard?? I have the game probably bought on some goofy holiday steam sale… I wouldn’t mind shooting my fellow new Yorkers if it can be played solo.