The Division 2 - Make Washington D.C. Great Again


Does anyone play PvE or PvP survival anymore? Last time I played (sometimes in 2017 iirc) I’d sit for five minutes in the queue until being placed in match by myself.


Yeah, absolutely! What’s your PSN name?


Same as my forum name: merryprankster


Preorders have opened up, and you’ve got your choice of five editions:



It’s hard to get excited until I find out how badly they completely fuck up single player again. But otherwise I’m looking forward to the game. It’s too bad Gears of War 4 couldn’t have adopted the cover system Division uses. Division 1 has best cover system ever, while Gears of war 4 is garbage.


Garbage is a bit hyperbolic as the cover system in Gears is just fine. I prefer the ones in Tomb Raider and Ghost Recon Wildlands though: soft cover where you automatically take cover instead of snapping hard like in The Division and Gears, as it makes the system a lot more fluid and flexible.


It’s garbage

It’s clunky.

It’s a 360 era junk system that works like shit and the whole game feels dated because of it.


The cover system in The Divsion is far more clunkier compared to Wildlands than Gears compared to The Divsion. And, honestly, I can’t even remember that much differences between those two games (at least with a controller).


They’re still showing the same environment. Really like to see more of the city.


‘Story’ trailer. There are apparently bad people and you should shoot them. In D.C.


So they mean the current administration?



I like the Dark Zone changes they’re working on - 3 separate Dark Zones, each week two of the three will have stat normalization to even up the playing field, while the third will be a total free-for-all along the lines of the first game.


My CTRL-F found zero instances of Single player or solo. Dakfuq. Perhaps it’s better in every way except for the most important way.


I imagine it will be fully as playable solo as the first one was.


That’s too bad. Guess I’ll pass. That’s okay, not interested in a DC setting anyway.


That’s fair, I understand a lot of people found playing the first game solo to be a pretty frustrating experience. Looks like I’ll be finding out firsthand how the sequel plays since I don’t think my friends are buying.


I am interested to buy but yeah, hope they made solo playing easier. I don’t want to die so often.


Solo wasn’t really an issue in the first game, as I played the Xbox version solo without any major issues (while I played the PC version with friends). And the matchmaking for the campaign missions was great too if you didn’t want to play solo.