The Division 2 - Make Washington D.C. Great Again



No, that was Far Cry 5.

Psych! Nope, while the initial trailers sort of implied you’d be killing MAGA-hat wearing motherfuckers, turns out the MAGA guys are the good guys, whereas the bad guys are only slightly worse.


Fuugh. No sale then.


I have personally liberated The Whitehouse. You are welcome.

Beta seems to pick graphic settings for you? Benchmark also not runnable.


Ubisoft advises you restart The Division 2 beta “every two to three hours” to avoid crashing



Well poo, I downloaded the beta but won’t get a chance to try it out myself until tonight. I’m hearing that this might have an offer similar to Anthem’s, that folks in the beta can offer 3 friends a key to participate? But I’m not seeing anything official yet.


Yes, you get 3 keys to give to UPlay friends.

[edit]There’s a link to it in the email, but it just takes you to the beta page. It’s down about halfway.

Here’s the link:


Performance is quite good, playing on a 960 gtx with medium settings and I’m hitting 50-60 at most times. I won’t get a new card for another 2-3 weeks and was afraid that I’ll miss out on this but I have to say it’s a pleasant surprise.

On the other hand, the audio mix is atrocious, weapon sounds need a lot more emphasis. And the menus are still borderline useless, just like in the first game.


OK, I see what you are talking about. So! I am reserving two keys for a couple of friends of mine, but I do have a third key available if anyone wants to play and doesn’t win the lottery to join the beta.


I have now crashed close to a dozen times on Xbox. Getting pretty frustrating.


I’ve got three keys one key available that can be doled out this evening. Not sure if they lock to my platform; PC if so.


The Division beta and free weekends were mostly responsible for me staying away from the game. So I think this time maybe staying away from the beta will make me eventually want Division 2? Hmmm, it’s possible I suppose.

Does Division 2 finally have the fidelity that we saw in the first Division reveal and how the bullets shot through the windows of cars and such?


I’d like a key if that’s OK. Managed to get access to my Ubisoft account again after a 2FA snafu.


I played some while I waited for the plumbers this morning. It’s very Division-y, but with some new wrinkles. I liked that you improve the settlements and the Base of Operations, and there seems to be a decent amount to do related to that. The graphics remain excellent and the sound seems punched up. I wasn’t keen on the move away from NYC/winter, but the semi-jungle that’s D2 DC turned out better than I expected.

It ran great on my PC until a thunderstorm rolled in and then the rain/fog hammered my frame rate, but I was also nearing memory leak time so it may have been that. I never got very far in the Division 1 endgame but I always enjoyed rolling around the city head-shotting bad guys through car windows, and I’m happy to report that pleasure remains undiminished.


So this was just installed on my Xbox today. Guess I might have signed up at some point but can’t remember. Weird it just downloaded on its own. Messed around for an hour. Guides you pretty well to get started. Still has that shooting, looting RPG loop. Will mess around with it more.

Anybody know if the progression carries over to retail release?


No, I forget where I read it, but progression does not carry forward to the final release.


I’ve played this enough to answer the questions I had. Here’s my impression after a few hours:

  • It’s as pretty as TD1, which was very pretty
  • The gunplay is basically identical. That’s good, as TD1 was a very good cover shooter (there are more reasons to stay in cover this time, though, and not bum-rush everything)
  • There’s more to do. Developing the settlements is a pretty big expansion on the gameplay
  • They seem to have moved the camera back just a bit, which is great for people (like me) who sometimes get motion-sick in FPS games. There’s no FOV slider, but I’ve not had any issues (and I often do).
  • I’ve had one disconnect in about four hours of play, which seems reasonable for a beta
  • The UI for PC is pretty awful, definitely in bad console port territory. But the gameplay is great for M&KB

So far, so good. I will definitely be playing this at launch. Pre-ordering will depend on how hooked on Anthem I get! (And BTW, anyone thinking of getting the pricey packages for in-game advantages – don’t. The guns are all low level, and the extra inventory space is just an early unlock, not a bigger stash at endgame).

You do get some cosmetics, one for playing the demo and one for completing it (whatever that means). But, as DiveDive said, no actual progress carries over.


Are there zombies yet?



I don’t think this is that kind of franchise :)


Sounds good, and nice to know the deluxe guns are as useless as they were in the first game.

Also, fuck zombies! The most boring of all boring enemy types.