The Division 2 - Make Washington D.C. Great Again

I’m sure it’s cool, but there’s no matchmaking for the raid, which seems like a bad decision.

Post-patch I’ve been getting Delta-3 disconnected with some regularity.

Aw man really, they’re doing the Destiny thing? Guess I won’t be playing his raid either.

No matchmaking? Count me out.

Fix the fucking VOIP

I turn off voice because I can’t stand to listen to idiots, so that one doesn’t bother me too much. It’s almost a feature! :)

No raid matchmaking? Are they out of their minds? Who has seven other friends to play with at any given time?

Yeah weird, so its not possible at all to play with 7 pubs?

wtf? … i’m out as well then.

I’m sure there’s a performative aspect to all this.

The devs want the raid to seem exotic - there’s going to be a permanent in-game memorial for the first group to do it - and so they can’t have a group of randos finish it first. So they say it’s not appropriate given the difficulty but they’ll study the issue. In response, the player base riots in the usual fashion because the decision is so clearly wrong-headed and contrary to everything else in the game.

In a week or a month when the mechanics are laid out on the web and people know what to do, they’ll open it up. Which is fine, I guess, but it creates drama based on a lack of candor that seems unhelpful and toxic.

Which brings me to another point. Lately I think I sometimes stop playing a given game not because it sucks, but because the meta-view of it online has become so infused with toxicity and rage that the game itself suffers just by association. So if, for example, I’m wondering how to build a certain set of power armor in FO76, but every search turns up a thousand threads of people talking about what a laughable disaster it is, a slap in the face for every Fallout fan ever, I start to lose interest as a byproduct.

Ubisoft have a full-on insurrection on their hands in the TD2 forum right now. People are NOT happy about the lack of matchmaking for the raid, haha.

“Hey, guys, we’re adding a super-cool feature that is going to be the signature end-game feature of our title! But only .00001% of the player base can access it! Excited yet?”

I’m sure the devs planned to release matchmaking once the catasses beat it, got their name on the plaque, and got all the mechanics down… but that’s a terrible idea. What in the hell were they thinking, that 99.9% of the player base with be okay just twiddling their thumbs and watching a select few other people get to play new content while they’re bored with nothing new to do in the game?

This dev team has been straight up idiots on multiple fronts since the game released. It’s a decent game and all, but I am not impressed in the least.

Ubisoft said on their investor call that this game failed to meet sales expectations on Xbox One and PS4. Uplay purchases on PC were much higher than any previous titles likely due to them dropping Steam.

I just hope the planned raid content is more interesting.

Tidal Basin Stronghold was a boring location. :(

It’s totally idiotic. Part of the fun is the act of discovery. Instead, everyone is going to watch how a select few hardcore groups will figure everything out, and then just mimic it if they ever open up matchmaking.

And you’re right; the degree they’re fumbling post-launch is galling, especially considering how much of the game they nailed at launch. This was one of my serious GOTY candidates, but they’re making me reconsider.

Hey, let’s stop bellyaching, get 8 of us together here, beat that raid and inscribe a QT3 Sh1t b0nerz plaque. :-P

Are there even eight of us on the same platform in here?

Not to mention timezone. :)

We cannot let the confines of hardware platforms or the space-time continuum limit us.