The Division 2 - Make Washington D.C. Great Again


By shooting at the people shooting them?



The more I play of this, the less likely I am to buy it. WAY too many crashes, and the kind of crashes that lock the whole computer up. And that’s with restarting every two hours, as they recommend for PC.

I think I’ll take another look at TD2 once I’m done with Anthem, whenever that is.



I’ve had a solid experience over a couple of sessions on Xbox. Not that there haven’t been glitches, but no crashes at least. I know that doesn’t mean anything, just relating my experience. As to the game itself, it seems like more Division. That works for me.



I think Ubisoft is playing coy trying to dodge discussing the political aspects of the game. If you visit the Oval Office in game there’s a recording of the president discussing shutting down the border with his Mexican counterpart. Of course in the context of the game it’s because many Mexicans believe the U.S. has a cure they’re withholding and are rushing the border, but come on.



It’s technically solid for me (PC) barring a few disconnects. I think I’m out for a while though. DC’s a bit samey and the lack of speed isn’t appealing to me. I lumber into battle at times when I want to sprint. I did like clearing the various checkpoints to retake ground for the good guys though.

And in other news the first game is $4.50 on GMG right now…



Game feels faster, I like the TTK changes. The location should feel more exciting but so far hasn’t.

Will definitely get this for the single player once it hits 50% off.



I liked it overall, but I will say that the endgame mission put me off. I hope they adjust the cool down on the enemy skills at high levels, because the constant influx of grenades, drones and rc cars felt way over-tuned.



I don’t get all the people complaining about lack of variety and saying this would be better if it had a fantasy setting.

The problem here is the lack of a clear identity because the game wants to be realistic while constantly breaking the immersion and being really “gamey” (healing drones and whatnot). It’s an identity crisis, not “wrong setting”.

It’s like playing a flight simulator and complain that all the planes are the same. No, they are fucking not. A flight simulator finds its depth and variation within the realism. The same for a game like Escape from Tarkov.

The problem is that this game tries to imitate Destiny more than it tries to imitate Tarkov, so it falls short.

Right now this is Destiny: get to a room, enemies start pouring in, clear the room, move to another, until the end of the mission. It’s a room-sized horde mission.

Imagine if it was built more around Metal Gear Solid: give an outpost you have to take, and there are different ways to do it, in a far less linear way. Make it more control-based warzones like a wargame, etc… It certainly doesn’t need vampires, werewolves and monsters to be cool. Or Borderlands weapons.



Isn’t that basically Wildlands you’re describing?



Who is asking for vampires and werewolves?

Also, I would play that game.



Didn’t get much time to play the demo this weekend, but I enjoyed it. Building out the settlements is a better way to handle “here’s a safe room, here’s a bunch of sidequests” that the first game threw at you.

When I saw a couple deer running through the streets, I was worried the dogs were gone. But then they showed up! With more breeds!

Overall though… it felt like Division 1.5. Which is fine; Division after a year+ of polish was great. But between that and the inherent political overtones of Tom Clancy and DC setting, I’m still on the fence.



The same as Wildlands is like Just Cause.

So yes, somewhat. But definitely not what I’m thinking. I consider Wildlands abysmal.



The side quests definitely seems better than the first game, but we’ll have to see how much variety there is when the other districts open up, since in the first game, the side quests were just repeated in all districts.

Also, I rather have the designed missions structure in this game than just “take all the outposts” in Wildlands (or Far Cry for that matter).



Oh hey look -



Desperate times call for desperate measures.



According to an email I just received from Ubisoft, the open beta will run between March 1 and March 4. Since I imagine it will have the same content as the closed beta, I will probably skip it. But it’s worth checking out if you’re curious.



I appreciate wanting feedback from people interested enough to try the private beta, but holy cow. Who thought a half hour survey was a good idea?



Pre-orders get one of Wildlands, Primal or Watch Dogs 2 as a bonus…



May I just say Division 1 Dark Zone is such a wonderful social experience. There is the usual PK patrolling low level area looking for easy kills (and teabags). Then you get the ninja assholes shredding their disguises right in front of your face with loot hijack. These people prey on the people sitting their asses down and not being mobile while waiting for extraction. And they wait for the last second before turning hostile and ambush people.

Last night I try to extract from the high level area way up in the north. I know there are still PK around there so I took a walk and observed from afar. Low and behold there is a guy there with no loot hanging around the area (i.e. PK). So I waited until the last second before extracting, just run in, run out, and no time for loot hijack (risky because sometimes you do miss the boat and have to call in extract again). Then two other PKs showed up and those three had a shootout, while I merrily legged it out of there with my phat loot.

Look I’m not against the play mechanics. OTOH I think it is fantastic and I want a deeper system in D2. It is very much The Road in a video game: even if you know there are good folks out there, every player encounter should be treated as hostile until proven otherwise. It makes griefing meaningful rather than annoying.



Cool info about the year one plan for The Division 2 -