The Division 2 - Make Washington D.C. Great Again


For anyone who’s played the alpha or beta or whatever, does the shooting feel better? I remember a certain weightlessness to Division 1’s gunplay.


If anything it felt a little worse to me, but that may just be from not having played the original for quite a while and comparing it to eg Destiny 2.


I have played the first game fairly recently and my experience in the beta is that they feel very much the same, if not identical, to play. That’s not to say there aren’t differences in the games, just that the “feel” of shooting and moving doesn’t seeem to be one of them, to me. That’s from playing on Xbox, by the way.


I’ve only just finished the first game and going to jump into the open beta this weekend so I’ll feedback later. But from what I’ve heard from reviews the shooting fundamentals are exactly the same but they have reworked healing (into replaceable armor), attachments (not collected, become available at levels) and skills (specializations rather than major skills).

I’m expecting a very similar feel just in a different scenario/city/storyline.


There’s still healing/health, but armor has been reworked to include replaceable patches or plates. It’s kind of like the way gold tier enemies worked in the first game, you had to chew through their armor to start taking out their health before they died.


But they’ve removed medkits and the health replen skills. Healing happens outside of combat, but during combat you have to keep replacing armor to not die.


Yes that’s true, you are pretty much reliant on your ability to regenerate health during a fight. But it would be incorrect to say that armor replaces health since you do have both in the game. Which I realize isn’t exactly what you said, but could be misunderstood.


So between Primal and Watch Dogs 2, which one is a better choice?


Well are you a hi tech or lo tech sort of a fellow?


Good clarification. Should have said the “healing mechanism during combat has been replaced”.

In the first game, the higher level enemies were just bullet sinks that you could headshot for 5 minutes and still not die. That still looks like it is in the 2nd game but they are also moving this over to the player and therefore PVP. Might work, might not.


So if all this year one content is free to all players, what is the Year One pass included in the Gold and above versions of the game?


I’m curious about that myself, I wonder if they’re planning expansion content like the first game, but maybe just after the first year? I’m taking a wait and see approach to the season pass anyway.


The answer isn’t on the Uplay Store, because I haven’t found it.

It’s on the game’s official web page

The Year 1 Pass includes the following additional content:

Basically, early access, exclusive assignments, three new specializations, and bonus in-game items.


Yeesh, the escalation on the pricing…

Standard Edition, $59.99
Gold Edition, $99.99
Ultimate Edition, $119.99


Yeah, doesn’t seem to be enough there to justify the leap. The three specializations can be unlocked through gameplay, seven days early access to the episodes isn’t much and the exclusive assignments explain more about the storyline so I bet they’ll get released for free eventually.


I saw a video breakdown that also mentioned any gear from year 1 content will not be released with the early access. You get early access to the missions, but not any of the gear. Which…doesn’t seem appealing.


Hehe, I don’t know. :) I guess I can be both if the game is fun :)


Out of those two games I’d suggest Primal, still the best Far Cry game.


One thing I liked about Primal and FC4, compared to 3 and 5, is the idea of a home base. There’s the upgrading, which is ok, but more than that having one fixed point on the map is what makes me learn how all the map locations are positioned relative to that, and that’s how I learn the map. In 3 and 5 I remember the world as pretty but unconnected locations. In 4 and Primal your family home and tribal village anchor a lot of your journeys and let you build up a coherent mental picture.

I do have a terrible sense of direction in real life though, so this could just be me :)


Nice, Primal it is then, thank you guys!