The Division 2 - Make Washington D.C. Great Again

What platform is that on?

PC. There is crossplay between PC and Stadia only (lololol).

Very good deal for this in Steam - 85% off. Even though I had the base game in Ubisoft, I bought the Base+Warlords game in Steam. It linked to the account in Ubisoft. I didn’t lose my progress but now I have the game in Steam plus the DLC. Check it out.

Picked this up in the sale. It’s pretty damn good, I must say!

Is this playable as a single player or is it MP/co-op only? I’m primarily interested because of the DC setting, but I would likely only play SP.

I played many many hours of The Division 2 almost entirely solo. A few team ups here and there but mostly by myself. Totally doable. There are some raid like things at the end I guess, and PvP is always better with a team, but yeah, you can go solo with no issues.

I played through both Division games entirely solo. Totally do-able.

Solo is fun, but this game shines co-op with a group of friends.

i love this game and the 1st one too, and they are very similar to wd1 which i still play often

It’s a fantastic game, solo or grouped.

I sadly uninstalled it about 6 months ago, after playing regularly since launch. I just couldn’t solve the constant crashing on PC.

I liked both Divisions, 2 more than 1, some small details in gameplay made it better for me, even though the setting of 1 is arguably better.

Unfortunately ++ on the crashing. Both those games crashed so bad they made my old PC blue screen, haven’t tried them since moving to the new one, maybe it makes a difference.

Funny you mention this, I’ve been tempted to check out 2 because I really like gameplay elements of 1. But something I could not shake with the first one is that I seem to be play a jack-booted tool of the man, just gunning down citizens who are simply trying to survive. I didn’t get all the way through the game so thought maybe the protagonist’s and antagonists’ motives were made more clear later on. But watched this video a while back and that doesn’t seem to be the case - Ross had similar concerns.

Does the sequel improve the moral clarity?

Think I’d prefer to play on the side of the “rioters”.

This is a stick up
Our freedom or your life
Lord, I wish I could be peaceful
But there can be no sequel
Now freedom must be fundamental
In Johannesburg or south central
On the mic, 'cause someone should tell 'em
To kick in the township rebellion

It’s a Tom Clancy game. You play as The Man.

Heh, fair enough.

Who am I kidding, it is only 5 bucks, I’ll bite.

The entire political/social philosophy of these games is odious, and they are part and parcel of a militarist, fascist strain of thinking that is truly reprehensible. I still played the hell out of them. Call me a hypocrite, I guess. I don’t think the developers actually believe much of that crap, but it’s sort of baked into the original source material. The Division 2 does a slightly better job of muting some of the worst bits, but ultimately you can’t escape Obergruppenfuhrer Clancy’s reach.

You bastards and your constant bumping of this thread and making me notice it’s on sale for 8 bucks on the xbox! Like I have time to play this even though I really enjoyed what I played of the first and have trouble with FPSs nowdays since I very much prefer the field of view a 3rdPS gives you.

I don’t have too big an issue with the politicy stuff mostly because almost all games have to deal with the heroes being just straight murderbots. You can hide it by making enemies monsters or aliens or whatever, but you’re still mostly pew pewing the shit out of ‘bad guys’.

Which is why I’m surprised they haven’t done this with some sort of Alien Invasion backdrop that makes the baddies more obviously baddies and not just some dudes who were on the wrong side of a line on a map.

IMO the Division 2 is slightly less morally reprehensible than 1.

In 1, you see looters you shoot them. 5 seconds later you are looting the same store. What???

OTOH 2 is more structured to show you are a “good” guy defending settlements. Enemy spawned patrolling or threatening other people (but should their punishment be death???). But there are times when violence is clearly unjustified, like “enemies” transporting resources back to their base. This is not SWAT, there is no “ordering them to put down weapons and surrender” option. This is worse than your typical CoD shooter, because in most random NPC encounter they are not shooting at you, you shoot first, almost always. It is “Han shoots first” moral ambiguity dialed up to 11 as to turning you into a fascist.

I also clocked a lot of hours into the loot-chasing and build-creating gameplay loop. So there you go.

Yeah, all these games are at the base level pretty horrible models for civic behavior. Even fantasy games are no better, really. Classic RPGs? Grave robbing, tomb ransacking, genocide of entire species–all in a day’s work!

If I’m approaching level 30, what should I do after doing all the strongholds the first time? Go straight to WONY and continue on to 40? Is there any particular value or reason to grind world tiers in DC to WT5, then go to NY?

My understanding is WT is kind of a grind of repeating strongholds to improve gearscore, but that lvl30 WT5 gear is obsoleted by lvl31 gear anyway, so I don’t see the point unless there are any missions or anything I can’t do once WONY is complete and I can come back to do the endgame content grind anywhere I like?

That’s a good question - I did the grind up to world tier 5 first, but that’s because at the time the New York expansion wasn’t out yet. It might make more sense to head to NY, get up to level 40, and then go back and work your way up the world tiers. I would think that’s more efficient, though in the end it’s probably six of one/half dozen of the other.